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Lip Care:

With the increase in skin care awareness we have started taking special care of our body regardless of our ages. And for that we have started using different skin care, face care, hand, palm and even foot care products, but what about the cutest part of your face, your lips. Lips are the part of your body grabbing the attention of anyone with its charm. Without taking proper care of your lips it can become dull, dry and cracked. So taking care of such a precious part should come first.

Why Organic and Vegan lip balm:

There are many lip balms available in the market filled with chemicals, artificial colour, petroleum, soy, and cheap fillers which first look good and later spoil your lips. As lips are very much sensitive it needs something like Organic or Natural Lip Balms. These lip balms are full of organic ingredients giving proper nourishment to your lips. Unlike other killer chemical lip balms having base ingredient of animal components Natural lip balms are vegan lip balms, filled with all the goodness of vegetarian and organic products, giving your lips a healthy glow.

An organic lip balm uses the finest and good quality product for the manufacturing of these healthy lip balms. There are some important ingredients bring into play in this Organic or Natural lip balms like, Shea butter, Jojoba, Cocoa butter, Honey, Coconut oil, Rosemary leaf, Aloe Vera and many more but no scrap ingredients. All these products are organic, vegan and provide nourishment to your lips by making it appear smooth, glossy and hence attractive.  Using proper lip balm over your lips will help you get that natural pink colour.

Most important advantage of Organic lip balm because of its natural and gentle properties, not just the teens but small kids, adults and grownups can use it. The site joybynature also offers a wide variety of organic lip balms.

Jojoba and Shea butter lip balm:

Jojoba and Shea butter has a very important healing property. The lip balm having a source ingredient of these two will truly nourish and help your lips in dealing with cracking and bleeding caused by harsh weather conditions during winter. Unlike other sticky lip balms the jojoba and shea butter lip balm will appear very light on your lip and will be absorbed very fast. Shea butter the base element of this vegan lip balm has a very precious property of moisturizing and anti aging.

Cocoa Butter lip balm:

Cocoa butter is another important ingredient blended in the lip balm to keep your lips moisturised and glowing.  This lip balm has an antioxidant property repairing the aging marks on your lips. Cocoa butter goes inside your skin and nourishes from there. Cocoa butter proved to be the best thing when it comes to sensitive lips. It is known for giving proper care to such lips. Cocoa butter can even hydrate your lip and heal the marks over it. All over it is among the best you can go for.

Aloe Vera lip balm:

Aloe Vera lip balm is amongst the versatile of all the other lip balms. If you will look in deep you will feel amazed with the fact of all the goodness fitted in the small tube of aloe vera lip balm. This lip balm is known to protect your skin in both hot and cold temperature. It keeps your lips moisturised and glossy all the daylong with its vitamin E property. It can heal your lips the faster with its great healing property. It not just heals the cracked lips but also speeds up the healing process.

Almond and Coconut oil lip balm:

Almond and coconut oil is the best thing you can go for when it comes to moisturising any part of the body and lips. Being the most sensitive of all both of these works amazingly with lips. Coconut oil smoothen your lip from deep inside. Its fatty acids hold onto moisture, and can help reinforce the skins lipid (fat) layer, which promoted hydration. Almond on the other hand nourishes you lips with its vitamin E.

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