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The most emotionally embarrassing situation in teenage is having an acne outbreak. This unwanted acne is mostly seen on face, back and neck which are painful and unpleasant. Teenage acne is commonly known as pimple but there are many other types as blackheads, white heads, papules, nodules, cysts.

At a particular age i.e., teenage, acne is very common because skin gets attacked by bacteria on the oil glands (sebaceous glands). This causes inflammation of the skin and swells up to such an extent that puss is formed inside it. It is very natural to have pimples in teenage because body undergoes through puberty and hormonal changes. In this age excess secretion of sebum takes place by oil glands and when bacteria get in contact, we get acne.

Acne on face may make us feel embarrassing and look poor in appearance, but it is not a critical problem. Some solutions are discussed as under-

  1. Don’t touch the face every now and then

When having acne on face, we all have the habit to touch the face every now and then with bare hands which may result to spread bacteria from hand. In this way acne may get injured.

  1. Focus on hygiene

Acne is formed due to dead cell, oil and bacteria which are trapped in skin pore. In this situation face should be washed every twice a day with good face wash to avoid any additional oil, dirt from the surface of the area where acne is formed.  

  1. Nourishing

Nourishing the skin by using good moisturizers makes the skin soft and supple which avoids dryness. Some acne and pimple creams make the soft and gets full nourishment via it.

  1. Exfoliating

Exfoliating face wash removes the dead skin and dirt which treats the acne prone skin effectively. There are some exfoliating creams which are applied on face and washed after few minutes.

  1. Drink water in large quantity

By drinking lot of water like daily will keep the skin look healthy and younger as it acts as a natural moisturizer for the skin body. This will definitely avoid the formation of acne in future.

  1. Balance diet

It has been proved that what you eat, reflects on your skin and body. By consuming good diet like fruits, vegetables and wholegrain will keep the skin glowing and healthy.

  1. Sleep in clean pillow cover

Usually pillow covers contain dirt, dust and bacteria. If pillow covers are changed after alternate days will help to solve the problem of acne. This is hygienic and will prevent the acne to appear in future.

  1. Be stress free

By keeping busy in exercising will help the skin to breathe. By doing such activities will keep the stress away from life and skin will glow. Stress should be avoided to avoid acne.

  1. Use make-up carefully

While using make-up one must be aware of the product applying of face as they can worsen the acne. It is recommended to use oil free make-up.

  1. Stay away from the sun

The skin can become dry when exposed to sun. Ultra-violet rays of sun can worsen the skin. If going through certain acne treatment then skin may become sensitive when exposed to sunlight.

  1. Laser treatment

The laser treatment is painful a bit but it eradicates the 50% of acne. The treatment is useful for overactive oil gland which is needed to be burnt. Thus, prevents acne permanently.

  1. Use salicylic acid

This is a mild acid which is not harmful for the skin but eradicates the acne effectively. The salicylic acid must be applied for few days on the acne which dry down the dead cell and removes acne and new cells are grown again.

  1. Use toner

Toner helps to tighten the pores of the skin. This is applied after cleaning the skin. When the pores are tightened dirt and bacteria are not allowed to enter the pores which avoid acne.

  1. Tea tree oil

The oil is anti bacterial and considered to be boon to acne prone skin.

  1. Organic face care products

Try using some organic face care products, it suit too many and gives useful results.

  1. Light treatment

Pulses of light are applied to kill the bacteria in acne through light treatment. This is good method to remove acne without any pain.

  1. Exercises

Exercising regularly keeps the skin and body healthy and also regulates the blood circulation. This habit makes the skin glow and avoid acne.

  1. Application of retinoid

It contains vitamin A which cleans blocked pores. This is helpful to prevent acne to appear on face.

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