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When it comes to Hair Conditioners, recent research points out that the goodness of Henna, Water Cress and Thyme as excellent conditioning agents for the hair is unmatched and incomparable. These natural herbal remedies when extracted through organic processes go above and beyond providing nutrition and well being to your hair. Their inherent properties solve hair and scalp problems to achieve the desired results pertaining to Hair Conditioners, and the results are lasting and deep penetrating.


Thyme as an Excellent Hair Conditioner

Thyme has the ability to reverse hair loss and promote hair growth in addition to acting as a conditioning agent. Due to the anti-inflammatory properties contained in it, Thyme can effectively reverse any inflamed areas of the scalp while also conditioning hair. Besides, Thyme fights off all kinds of bacteria and fungi, some of which are also resistant to chemically formulated anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents. Therefore, there is nothing that provides deeper cleansing and rejuvenation for the hair than a shower with Thyme which conditions hair while healing the hair and scalp.


When Thyme is used as a Hair Conditioner, it does much more than moisturize the hair and the scalp. The goodness of Thyme adds volume to the hair and makes them lighter and bouncier with every wash. This means that there will be no drier, dull and lifeless hair. It is a natural hydrating agent for the hair and imparts luster to the scalp and the hair even after two or three washes. Thyme thickens the follicles of the hair and maintains a pH level that is favorable for hair growth and combats any infection of the hair and the scalp. Due to the healing properties of Thyme, hair growth is maximized and your hair gets far shinier and softer than ever after each wash.


Water Cress as a Deep Conditioning Medium for Dull and Dry Hair

Oftentimes, hair might get dull and dry from pollution and environmental damage. More than this, chemical agents that are used for styling hair, perming or permanently coloring hair, destroy the very texture of the hair strand and deplete it of all moisture and luster. Water cress is one of those water retaining herbal remedies, which hydrate deeply to bring back the lost sheen in just a few washes.


Water cress Hair Conditioners condition deeply and treat rough and dry hair or weak and damaged hair, to restore the vitality and lost moisture of the hair and scalp. The advantage of using Water cress lies in its ability to moisturize and strengthen each strand from the root to the tip, making hair look brilliant with shine and luster. Water cress has numerous therapeutic properties encapsulated within it, which prevents further damage from happening to hair, by creating an effective coating on each strand that protects hair from environmental damage.


Henna as a Natural Conditioner for all Hair Types

Since time immemorial, Henna has been widely used as one of the safest and best Hair Conditioners for all hair types. Henna, due to its natural medicinal properties can mediate the effective removal of microbial and infection causing agents of the hair and the scalp. The anti-inflammatory action of Henna along with the deep conditioning that it imparts to the hair, makes it an excellent hair tonic and Hair Conditioner. Regular use of Henna can help you achieve best results even for damaged hair and the natural color imparted by Henna creates a golden glow for every strand of hair. By naturally curbing hair loss, breakage, dryness and dullness of hair, Henna promotes hair growth naturally alongside conditioning of the exterior surface of hair strands. Since Henna can successfully treat and heal wounds, ulcers, bleeding and virus development in the scalp and hair, it proves to be an all in one remedy for all hair and scalp issues, preventing damage and promoting the health and well-being of hair.



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