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Honey was Cleopatra’s beauty secret and can be yours too. This magical and delicious ingredient is helpful in various ways for making your skin and hair beautiful. From curing acne, brightening complexion to softening hair and curing split ends, it possesses a whole lot of qualities. All you need to do is incorporate honey in your daily beauty regime. So, let us take a look at what all can honey do to make your look pretty and glowing forever.

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  1. For Radiant Skin

Honey is an extremely essential ingredient for providing you with a natural glow. It cleans the skin thoroughly, thus bringing a natural radiance for sure. Just make it a daily ritual to wash your face with some honey water. This will also heal your blemishes and make your skin soft. Alternately, you can try out another concoction. All you have to do is blend a tablespoon of honey with some tomato pump. Apply this paste on your face and then let it stay for about 15 minutes. Wash off after it dries up. A regular application will give a natural glow to your face.

  1. For Collagen Formation

Honey is also helpful in the production of collagen, which further helps in maintaining the elasticity of the skin. Also, honey can reduce acne scars on your face, making your skin look clean and younger. Just apply some honey on your face daily for best results.

  1. For Moisturizing

Honey acts as a moisturizing agent, thus making your skin smooth and soft. Dabbing some honey on the face on a daily basis can work magic for your skin. This will provide you an extra shine and nourishment to your skin. You can also try mixing some cream and honey together. Apply this mixture during winters to prevent your skin from drying.

  1. For Preventing Ageing

 Owing to the presence of anti-inflammatory properties, honey is helpful in delaying the process of ageing. It prevents the skin cells from getting degenerated. Be it its application or consumption, both can help you in giving a youthful charm.

  1. For Softer Skin

All you need to do is take some rose water and mix it with some honey. Apply this concoction on your skin for about 15 minutes and thin rinse off well. A regular application will make your skin as soft as a feather.

  1. For Ironing Fine Lines

Honey works wonders for ageing signs like fine lines. Mix some honey with fresh cream and apply on your face. Over a period of time, you will see your fine lines vanishing. This mask also lightens your skin complexion. Curd can also be a substitute for cream.

  1. For Healing Wounds

Honey is known to possess antiseptic properties and therefore, is useful in healing wounds. It ensures faster removal of dead cell tissues and formation of new ones. Also, honey is a good source of an enzyme called glucose oxidase, which when mixed with water forms a mild antiseptic called hydrogen peroxide.

  1. For Treating Sunburn

Mix one portion of honey and two portions of moisturizer together. Apply it on your sun burnt area to ensure quick healing. Also, honey protects the skin from further damage of UV rays.

  1. For Soft Lips

Dab some honey on your dry and chapped lips daily before going to bed. Do this treatment regularly for making your lips soft, supple and pink. Also, it prevents them from further drying.

  1. For Skin Exfoliation

Honey ensures removal of dead skin cells and regeneration of new ones. This further helps in keeping the skin look younger and glowing. To make an exfoliating scrub, mix honey, ground nuts powder and lemon juice together. Scrub off your skin with this concoction and then, rinse off well. This scrub also helps in removing blemishes and acne scars.

Honey is also a great remedy for weight loss. Taking a spoon of honey and lemon juice each in lukewarm water can boost good metabolic rate. To know more about it, click here.  



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