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The use of perfumes dates back to a long time in history. In those days, perfumes were generally preferred by women than men. As civilization is developed, the use of perfumes spread among the masses and mainly among the high-class societies. These were the people who had to attend large gatherings and meeting, and in these cases one cannot afford to smell bad in front of the others.

Perfumes slowly made their way to the common people and till date, there are several fragrances of perfumes coming out in the market for both men and women. Designers are trying to mix fragrances and try to come out with a new range of perfumes to suit the needs and the preferences of the people.  

Concerns with the use of perfumes arose when there was an increase in the level of the CFC (Chlorofluorocarbons) and HCHC (Hydrocholorofluoro carbons) in the atmosphere that led to some serious problems, especially global warming and the greenhouse effect. Another concern was the case that many people contacted cancer with the use of perfumes that seem to have some carcinogens that gave the fragrance to the perfume. This slowly led to the increase in the production of the natural perfumes than the synthetic perfumes that used chemicals like some harmful hydrocarbons to add fragrance and colour to the perfumes.

These natural ranges of perfumes were what our ancestors had already discovered. These perfumes contained the extracts of fragrant flowers and seeds, thus eliminating the need for the use of chemical additives to give fragrance. These natural fragrances are completely harmless and do not have any carcinogenic effect. Joy by Nature deals in natural fragrant perfumes and these are prepared from the extracts obtained from fragrant flowers. Let us take a look.


Soil Aura

Soil Aura  is an infusion of the fragrant oil obtained from bergamot and sandalwood oil. The bergamot gives a floral, citric fragrance, and the sandalwood oil gives the soothing effect just by its smell. The 30 ml of the fragrance is made purely with handpicked bergamot and sandalwood essence and made in small batches. The infusion of these exotic fragrances can brighten the day of the person easily. A slight hint of mandarin gives the sparkling effect to the perfume.


Soil Passion

As the name indicates the 30 ml of Soil Passion oozes with passion, with an infusion of fragrant flowers. The perfume has a hint of the essential oils of bergamot providing a flowery citric smell, Galbanum and Fresh Lime. Added to this, the amber and lavender extracts gives the soothing effect that one gets from the sea breeze.


Soil Fame

A perfect blend of the extracts obtained from the exquisite flowers, seeds and fruit, Soil Fame , is the perfect perfume for the people who just love it big. The fragrance speaks of life that needs to be lived the fullest. The passion and the sweetness that comes from the amber extract and the scintillating effect of the extracts from flowers like Jasmine, Rose and Lily of the Valley make it a definite buy.


Soil Persona

Got from the extract from the barks of the Wood and Roots like Vetiver, Cedar Wood, Sandalwood and Musk, Soil Persona , based with a hint of patchouli gives the wearer of the perfume a soft-spoken persona and keeps them calm.


Soil Charisma

The name speaks for itself. One might wonder whether flowers and spices might go hand in hand as a fragrance. Try out Soil Charisma  and you will never doubt it again. With the perfect blend of the extract from the flower of jasmine with the carefully selected spices, the perfume gives the person a charisma like no other.

Joy by Nature has lot more in store for people looking for perfumes for all occasions. These perfumes are perfect for daily wear and give the person a powerful as well as an appealing outlook. Check out other perfumes from Joy by Nature here  and stay fresh all day long.


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