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Lip creams are a new development in the arena of lip cosmetics. Along with the trousseau of lip balms, lipsticks, lip glosses, lip butter, we have their fresh new cousin lip creams. Even though their distinctions may be slightly confusing, they more often do not live up very well to their specificities serving narrowed specific lip care needs, pertaining to separate requirements of our mouth’s fragile anatomy. While lipsticks and lip glosses give some colour, lip butters and lip balms are known for their deep nourishment and protection along with adding a touch of pretty tint to the lips. Lip creams are much more different in being the cosmetic that is heavily aimed at repairing, rejuvenating and reaffirming the lips essential conditions to make it the pretty kissably soft pout that it deserves to be.

A host of different lip creams are available in the market with promises claiming to repair, protect, hydrate consumers lips, but apart from them the most interesting aspect of these lip creams is their promise in helping to lighten dark lips. Dark lips is a much fussed about issue among people in the Indian subcontinent, many of whom do not have naturally pink lips and want to cure their pigmentation through cosmetics. They are being not very naturally flattering neither have the ability to sport all kinds of lip colours with ease, Dark lips can also be caused by a host of other issues such as smoking, sun-induced, etc. All in all, lip creams come with many good things to offer, one of the best promises being that of lightening lip creams.

But how do they work?

  1. They lighten lip pigmentation by safely reducing the melanin production in the lip region.

We know how melanin is the cause why pigmentation happens, and just like any other fairness solution in the market, lip creams use components in their mixtures to reduce the melanin production in the lip skin. Thus, that makes lips appears pinker, and lighter with continued usage.

  1. They create a shield to protect lips from the damage caused by sun rays and environment pollutions.


Damage caused by the sun and the environment is the number one reason apart from natural pigmentation that cause dark lips. Lip creams have a high SPF and elements that protect lips from the harsh pollution around us. Lips have the thinnest skins and the most sensitive membranes and so it becomes important that products lip creams constitute elements that would protect lips from getting more pigmented. 

  1. They are fused with natural oils and moisturising agents along with elements that help in recuperating chapped damaged lips to give baby soft

Lip Creams have in them the essential goodness of moisturising agents along with natural medicinal properties that deal not only with the lightening of the pigmentation but also smoothening them, giving us soft well-moisturised, hydrated lips. By helping the lips rejuvenate apart from protecting them, lip creams help reverse the adversities of pigmented lips to overall improve the whole look of a pout. 

  1. Apart from bestowing fuller, healthier looking lips, lip creams help protect lips from adverse effects from other cosmetics.


Lips creams have been made with the explicit aim to help, protect, restore, lighten and brighten the look of a mouth. They are not substitutes to glosses or even lips balms, having very little waxy ingredients in them. They are meant to be a cream base to the lips like moisturisers are to our faces and other parts. Thus, they also act as a barrier from the harshness of the heavily tinted lipsticks and glosses whose regular usage hampers natural health of lips, even being responsible for pigmentation themselves.

At Joy By Nature, we know the true power of natural ingredients and bring for the best of the organic lip creams available here. Having no harmful chemicals, they are the best picks for getting soft pink lips without any recourse to harsh chemicals with bleaching agents. Immerse your lips in the goodness of 100% natural products and see them lighten and repair your mouth with the choicest natural ingredients to achieve that enviable pout you always wished for.


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