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A Massage Oil is generally the oil that is suitable for body massages. There is a large variety of Massage Oils that are available, making it difficult to make the right choice. While there are various brands offering a range of Massage Oils, not all promise quality. There are various kinds of Massage Oils and should be chosen according to the requirement. As massages vary, so do the oils. The most common Massage Oils are Olive Oil and Almond Oil. But there is a huge variety, so the choice should be made with care.

While Massage Oils differ largely from each other, there are a few basic essential qualities that should be present in every oil product. Even when it comes to organic or processed oils, there are a few characteristics that make an oil product good enough for a massage. They are listed down as follows:

  1. Should have Density: A good Massage Oil should definitely have enough density. The oil should be very pure and filtered well before use.
  2. Should Absorb Well: The reason people go for massages is relaxing and for softer skin. This does not happen unless the oil absorbs well into the skin within a reasonable period.
  3. Low Viscosity: Low viscosity indicates that the oil shouldn’t be too thick or sticky that it doesn’t flow while massaging. The oil should essentially have low viscosity to make the massage experience better.

  1. Should not have Bad Odour: The entire experience of having a massage would turn awful if the oil has a bad The Massage Oil should have a good fragrance.
  2. Should not dry the skin: There are a few Massage Oils that have a drying effect post massage. Sometimes, this is proven to be useful, but never in excess.
  3. Should be Pure and Moisturising: The results of the massage are the most efficient when the oil is used completely pure and is moisturising in nature, leaving your skin soft and supple.

These are the six qualities one should essentially look out for while selecting a Massage Oil. Many Massage Oils are a combination of various oils, especially when the type is organic. If you’re someone who would choose a Massage Oil product by its ingredients, then you should keep these in mind.

  • Allspice Oil: This is one of the first Massage Oils and is known to be a stress This oil leads to relaxation and stimulates relief very quickly.


  • Angelica Oil: The Angelic oil is very important to oil when one is seeking elimination of complete health problems. The oil is instrumental in the purification and better circulation of blood in the body. The oil is also known to be anti-spasmodic and effectively reduces problems of gas. The oil also effectively removes toxins from the body.
  • Anise Oil: This Massage Oil is completely natural oil. The oil removes the toxic substances from the digestive system and also helps in relieving the stress hormones.
  • Bitter Almond Oil: The Massage Oil has special properties in eliminating hydrophobia and it is considered the best cure for the problem of Hydrophobia. The oil is also proved to be very healthy Massage Oil.
  • Cistus Oil: The Cistus oil is one of those Massage Oils that have an amazing and soothing fragrance. The oil is made from a special rose and has a very pleasant and soft scent similar to that of honey. The cistus oil upon application relieves stress and induces calmness in the body. This oil is great for meditation purposes as it leaves one relaxed for a long period of time.


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