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It does not take much to claim that kajals today are a staple to every woman’s makeup kit. They are the cosmetic that unfailingly accentuate the natural beauty of the eyes they are adorning. With that sleek touch of black on the rims of the eyes, comes out the twinkle in the eye, it adds that brush of softness to the whole demeanour of the appearance. Being the looks-good-on-all article in a vanity case, it thus has gained a huge market internationally and every makeup brand produces their own versions of kajals and kohls unfailingly trying to beat each other to the race of becoming the most popular brand, loved and cherished by all as their make-up best friends.


What is the problem with inorganic kajals?

But kajals that are produced by these fashion hubs are not always completely natural. Though the actual process of producing kohl is a tradition observed through the millenniums, the development of cosmetic science have prompted companies to develop kajals that push the contours of the traditional kohl a little more: make them a little more long lasting, better shelf lives and the most lucrative of all innovations, make them smudge-proof. But in this quest to proof these kajals into cosmetic that can keep up with the modern style of living and looking, a lot of the natural goodness is compromised because these firms are moving further and further away from the tedious traditional ways of producing kajals. Their experimentations have produced innovations that make the modern-day smudge-proof long lasting kajals a huge hit, but at a price.


Inorganic kajals contain harmful chemicals and metals.

To give them the super duper properties that we all are much ecstatic about, the kajals are not only artificially manufactured but contain a host of chemicals and other materials to give them the shape, properties and consistency we like to fawn over. They have chemicals like charcoal, silver nitrate, aluminium compounds to prevent fading, among many more which have been found to be irritants that can cause much damage to a regular user, like redness and irritation, to conjunctivitis and corneal ulcers originating from unsafe packaging, to some extreme cases of permanent sight damage due to continued effects of the chemicals.

They also contain metals like mercury, zinc, arsenic and lead that are commonly well known as to be toxic to human bodies if continuously accumulated. The dispute over the lead content is usually the big agenda in this area because even traditional kajals had some lead in them, but the modern non-organic had them in greater concentration and an increase in lead concentration in blood stream is detrimental to health of the cosmetic user.

They also contain parabens.

Parabens are a point of big scepticism in the beauty forums for the claim is that they are carcinogenic, as are some others. Though they are still widely used as the most effective and cheap way of keeping bacterial growth in products in check, a lot of vigilant consumers today want to steer clear of paraben-containing products. Organic kajals, as opposed to non-organic ones have no parabens.

Though there is not always a surety that the kajals in the market contain parabens at all despite claiming completely natural ways of production, for it is not mandatory to furnish the ingredient list for products less that 30g for solids, it is a guarantee that organic kajals are completely paraben-free. They can be used by consumers without any fear of adding to the paraben accumulation to their bodies.


Organic kajals are good for your eyes.

Traditionally prepared organic kajals combine the goodness of nature within them to furnish the users with excellent health benefits to the eyes. They often include ingredients like camphor (cools eyes), almond oil and sandalwood (good for the skin and the lashes) among many things else that do a lot of good for the eyes.Kajal has been worn not only for cosmetic purposes but because they were beneficial for the eyes and improved vision. Organic kajals are in fact so safe that they can be worn by kids too.


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