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If you are trying to achieve that look which shows off what you really look like, without large quantities of foundation or bronzer applied on your face, the nude makeup look is the look that you are going for. To ensure that you don’t end up looking too fleshy, bland and muted make sure that you give emphasis when needed and a splash of complementary colour in a subtle way. The best way to do that is to pick the right shade of Organic Lipstick.


How do I attain the perfect nude makeup look?

  1. The first step to attaining the perfect nude makeup look is to scrub your face clean. Ensure that you have washed your face well, exfoliated and moisturised before you begin.
  2. Choose colours that are as natural to your skin tone as possible. However, remember that all pink and beige will make you look completely washed out. Add highlights in a complementary colour.
  3. Remember, less is more! Know when to stop applying makeup.
  4. Choose the right Organic Lipstick.
  5. Use an eye pencil or eyeliner and mascara to complete the look.


How to pick the right lipstick texture?

Apart from picking the right colour of a lipstick, the texture of lipstick also changes the effect it has on your makeup.

  • Glossy lipstick works for nude makeup only if the rest of your makeup is really muted and you intend to give your splash of colour to your lips.
  • Sheer goes beautifully with nude styles as the colours have a natural tinted finish.
  • The matte finish is excellent to showcase the colour of the lipstick without drawing too much attention.
  • A creamy lipstick is colour-rich while giving you a soft, satiny semi-matte finish.



7 must have Nude Lipstick Shades

Here are the lipstick shades that you should definitely try for a nude makeup look:

  1. Neutral Brown Shades in Matte

Topping off your nude makeup style with a neutral coloured brown organic lipstick in matte finish can ensure that the focus remains on your eye. Your lips, however, will draw quiet attention with their elegant style.

  1. Pink Beige Shades in Creamy

Ideal for an elegant, fresh look shades of pink and beige in a creamy textured lipstick are ideal for adding to your nude makeup inventory.


  1. Smoky Beige shades

Lipsticks in shades of Smoky Beige and Brown add a sense of intrigue into your makeup when applied. Try to apply the lipstick very lightly and blend it into your skin for a more natural effect.


  1. Pale Pink and Rose

Pale pink and rose nude shades are wonderful nude lipstick shades for those who have fair to medium complexion. It helps to make your lips appear plumper and fuller. Ensure that you have a splash of complementary colour somewhere else so that you don’t look too washed out.


  1. Nude shades with red or pink undertone

Nude shades of lipstick are of course the go to shade for nude makeup styles. If they have an undertone of red or pink, they are prevented from being completely colourless but you still have to ensure to have colour elsewhere.

  1. Pink shades in Sheer

Sheer pink lipsticks are ideal for a muted but finished look with their natural, slightly glossy finish.


  1. Peach nude in Creamy

If your lips are naturally very red and rosy, that is for heavily pigmented lips, peach nude in a creamy textured lipstick perfectly accentuates your natural lip colour. However, the light colour may accentuate any visible dryness so make sure to moisturise your lips thoroughly.

The first step to accentuating your true, natural beauty with a nude makeup style is to pick the right shade of lipstick. Get all-natural Organic Lipstick to enhance your all-natural beauty with just a click from right here.


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