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Your lips are as important to your face as are your eyes. For a complete face, one not only needs to take good care of their face skin but ensure that their lips look well moisturised and petal-soft. There are a host of products in the market ready to help you achieve. Our face skin is three times more sensitive than our bodies, but even more so the skin on our lips is the thinnest. It is extremely sensitive to every kind of harshness so your regular skin regime needs to include special kind of natural lip products  that would do justice to the kind of lip care you deserve.

Of the many lip products that have flooded the markets in the recent years, one of the most celebrated lip product has been the lip butter. With its extreme moisturising promise and that luscious kiss of a colour to your lips, they are the new fashionable things to step out wearing and pleasure your pout with the goodness of nature.


They are the most moisturising thing that you will find in the market

Having a higher oil content than lip balms, hence the name Lip ‘Butter’, lip butters serve your lips with the rich content of good moisturisers that help heal chapped lips and keep them kissably soft while you run around saving the day. It has all the goodness of the balms, just that they are almost doubly more moisturising, serving to the acute moisture needs of our lip skin that needs more heavy moisture replenishment than our face skins. Their rich textures give baby soft mouths and though may be on the heavier side of consistencies, they do that light finishes making them great cosmetics both as regular wear and night care.


They are very long lasting

They have long lives both on your mouths and on your shelves. Due to their supreme moisturising qualities, they stay on for a longer time on mouths than lip balms do so you don’t have to constantly reapply them for them to suit your lip love needs. Some lip butters clocking over 12 hours moisturising claims are popular with office-goers and students alike.But if you enjoy having a regular sheen and don’t mind reapplying, slather them on as much as you like and your mouth can hold comfortably, without any fear of overdoing it.

They mostly use natural oils from ingredients like Shea butter, Cocoa Butter or Almond Oils



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