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Our feet wear themselves out invariably. We don’t pay enough attention to their condition and that’s how the cracked feet begin to form.


Listed below are six remedies that you can carry out in the comfort of your home.


  1. Epsom Salt


Epsom salts are a fabulous treatment for the entire body, but they can hone in on the problems of the foot as well. They heal cracked feet very effectively by promoting good circulation in the feet. We highly recommend using epsom salts to treat your feet.


The application process is as follows: Add about half a cup of the epsom salt in warm water. Soak your feet in this water for about 10 to 20 minutes. Take a good exfoliating agent and rub your feet with it for a few minutes. Dip you feet in the water again. Rub your feet again. Repeat for a few more time and then dry your feet with a towel. Do this two to three times a week and you’ll see results very quickly.


  1. Coconut Oil


What isn’t coconut oil good for? The oil is incredibly versatile and finds itself being used for a variety of issues. What’s especially remarkable is that it really does bring the results. In the case of feet, it can be used to heal dry and cracked feet. It is also antifungal and antibacterial, so it’ll keep those pesky interfering germs away.


Before you go to sleep, give your feet a quick wash and then apply some coconut oil all over. Leave it be for the entire night. You may want to rest your feet on a cloth to prevent the oil from coming into contact with your bed sheets. Rinse your feet the morning after. It may take a few days for you to notice the results, but the results will come!


  1. Milk


Something as simple and uncomplicated as the application of milk can give your feet a velvet-like softness. Many Indian mothers bathe their babies in milk to give them smooth skin and there’s a reason they do that: it works.


The benefits of milk are many. It brightens the complexion of your skin, it removes dead cells and it purifies your skin. To obtain these benefits, first wash your feet with some water. Take a cloth or a cotton ball and dip it into milk. Apply this onto your feet and rub away. Do this until your feet have been given a thorough cleansing. Then coat your feet with the milk and leave it be for about half an hour. Rinse with warm water and take pride!


  1. Sandalwood and Tomato Skin


Like milk, sandalwood is also a well known skin treatment agent that has been in use in India for many centuries. It’s very effective against dirt and impurities and believe us, your feet will have plenty of those.


To employ this method, take a spoon of sandalwood powder and mix it with a spoon each of tomato, lemon juice and cucumber. Turn this into a fine paste and apply it to your feet. Leave it in this state for a little while and rinse with water afterwards. Your feet will look much better.


  1. Lemon


Lemon is a popular choice for a skin whitening agent and it does it work on the feet too.


Simply coat your feet with some lemon juice and leave it be for some time. Rinse with warm water afterwards. Do this regularly for maximum benefit.


  1. Gram Flour and Turmeric


Besan, the other name for gram flour, is quite good at healing the feet.


Mix some besan with a spoon of turmeric. Add some yogurt and a little lemon juice to this mixture. Mix well and apply the paste to your feet. Leave it on for about half an hour and rinse with warm water afterwards.


The techniques listed in this article are all proven techniques that will result in better looking and healthier feet. You should choose a few to start out with and carry out the remedies consistently for some time. The results will make themselves known.


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