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Many people think that body mist are the same as perfumes which is not the case. Body mists are different from perfume sin various aspects. Firstly they are not as costly as perfumes making them more affordable. This means that you do not have to go around hunting for costly perfume brands and feel disappointed. Body mists cost considerably lesser but they do not compromise the smell in any way. A variety of smells can be achieved through the use of body mist meaning it include fruits, flowers and musk.

pomegranate body mist

Do not assume

Every single individual has a different body chemistry this means that any smell perfume or body mist will smell differently on each person. Do not just believe the words of the seller and buy the body mist without checking how it actually smells on you. In addition to that always check the smell on yourself. The body mist you wish to buy may smell extremely nice on your friend but may not work at all for you. All the stores you visit offer sampling and so check them on your skin and find the smell which creates a difference for you.

Decide on which type of smell you want

With the variety of different body mist smalls available it can get confusing as to what you may wish to buy. Decide before hand on which type of smell you wish to get. If you are a fan of flowery smells like jasmine or roses go for those instead musk or fruits. This way you can narrow your search right off the bat. If you go through the stores sampling any smell you can find then you will end up with a smell blind nose which cannot tell the difference between musk and a flower smell.

malibu body mist

Decide on the intensity of the smell

Do you like your body with a smell which stand south clearly or a subtle smell which will slowly creep across you? Some skin friendly body mists are very strong and they linger in the air all the time. Many do not like them due to them being very harsh on close quarters however if they are extremely good as well. In addition to that there are the subtle smells which offer a very soothing smell. These softer smells are erect for an indoors party since even at close quarters they are not harsh. For working women softer smells can do wonders.

Cheaper than perfume

Skin friendly body mists are generally cheaper than perfumes. You do not have to fork up huge wads of cash to buy body mists however it does have its own price range. Decide on a price range beforehand and stick to that. That way you will not end up spending more than you panned.

Using body mists on different areas of your body

Body mists are of various types. While some skin friendly body mists are especially made for underarm use some can be used all over the body. Before you buy one ask yourself exactly which type do you wish to buy. Read the label of the various body mist brands to know what type it is.


If you are wondering how to use body mist it is not at all difficult. Skin friendly body mists are easy to use since they work the same way a perfume would. It is just a cheaper option for people who do not wish to spend a lot of money of perfumes.

Layers the smells

Body mists can be layered to create unique smells. Since these smells aren’t as strong as perfumes so if you pick two subtle skin friendly body mists you will be able to create a smell which will be unique only to you. Try going for lighter smells when doing this since strong smells can overpower the other smell which you may have combine with it.

Skin friendly body mists are made in such a way that your skin will never face any kind of reaction from using it. Go for the popular brands and you will be fine. You will be able to experiment with smells as lot by using these skin friendly body mists due to the low price.

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