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Besides being every chef’s favourite ingredient, avocado is a great beauty product as well. It not only tastes delicious but is also used in several over-the-counter creams, face washes, scrubs and conditioners. It is so because this super food is rich in various types of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Here are few beauty secrets of Avocado that we are sharing with you. Once you get to know about them, you will surely incorporate it in your daily beauty regime. Take a look.

  1. Prevents ageing

Owing to the presence of antioxidants, avocado is a great anti-ageing treatment. It acts on fine lines and wrinkles, thus preventing ageing. The antioxidants aim at detoxifying the skin, thus flushing out all ageing-causing toxins from the body. To use it, mash an avocado to form a pulp. Apply this pulp on your face and then, let it dry. Later, wash off with normal water. Repeat it at least twice a week. Also, eating an avocado on a regular basis helps in keeping ageing signs at bay.

  1. Revitalizes the scalp

Avocados are great for treating itchy and dry scalp. They condition the hair, providing complete nourishment. All you need to do is apply some avocado pulp to your scalp and tresses. Let it stay until it dries up. Later wash off with tap water. The amino acids and proteins present in this super fruit penetrate deep inside the skin, making it soft and moisturized.

  1. Ensures a healthy skin

To get a soft, supple and nourished skin, just drink a glass of avocado juice every day. A daily intake will surely give you a glowing and soft skin. Besides, you can also apply it on your face for quick results. Just blend one avocado with one cup of milk to form a paste. Also add some honey to it. A weekly application will surely help you achieve a healthy skin. It is so because avocados are a rich source of vitamins, which aim at revitalizing dull and dry skin.

  1. Treats dandruff

Avocado as a whole fruit is very useful, even its seeds. Its seeds are really helpful in treating dandruff. All you need to do is take a few avocado seed and grind them into a fine powder. Store the powder in a container. Whenever you wish to use it just add some water to this powder to form a paste. Apply it on your wet scalp. Let it rest for about half an hour. Repeat it at least twice a week for quick results.

  1. Makes hair shiny and soft

To make your tresses soft and shiny, mash one ripe avocado. Add this pulp to one egg yolk and one tablespoon of coconut oil. Mix well and apply it on your scalp and hair. Allow it to stay for about half an hour. Later, rinse off with a mild shampoo. A weekly application will make your hair smooth and strong for sure.

  1. Treats frizzy hair

Avocado has its own natural oils and nutrients, which help in treating damaged dull and frizzy hair. For this treatment, just blend half an avocado in the blender. Mix this pulp with two tablespoons of avocado oil. Mix well and massage thoroughly on your scalp and frizzy mane. Let it stay for about 15 minutes so that all the nutrients and oils get absorbed deeply. Later wash off with a mild shampoo. Repeat this treatment at least twice a week.

  1. Reduces bad breath

Bad breath often turns off people you daily sit with. Well, this breath is not because of your teeth but stomach issues. If the food does not get digested properly, it leads to bad breath. Drinking a glass of avocado juice daily is the best solution to it. It cleans your digestive system thoroughly, thus flushing out all toxins from the body.

Avocado is known for treating myriad skin problems and therefore, is used in many commercial as well as herbal products. To know more about it, click here.



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