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Essential oils are nature’s gift for mankind which works magic in rejuvenating your senses, body and mind. Stress and pressures became an integral part of each one’s life as the lifestyle changed in to a fast paced mode. Getting peace of mind, relaxation and joy has become very precious. But Essential oils belong to a different genre which works as a panacea for every little problems.Most of us use essential oils as perfumes or for its aromatic purposes. But rather than that, essential oils are also having many other facets of uses, making it very versatile.

Essential oils which are made from plants and flowers are very highly concentrated oils. These are having high and strong aromatic and medicinal properties.For effective therapeutic use, it is absolutely crucial that only good quality, natural essential oils be used. No matter how pleasant the aroma might be reconstituted or diluted products lack the constituents necessary to achieve good therapeutic results. Essential oils are directly absorbed into your blood stream just with external or topical application, thus making your internal system clean and revitalized. They have specific frequency ranges which can even stabilize the working of a weak or struggling internal body organ, thus restoring the body to normal ranges and improve overall feelings of well-being. Essential oils are antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral, anti-infective, antitumoral, antiparasitic, andantiseptic.

Here are some more reasons why you should use essential oils regularly, especially during winters.

  1. Aromatic: Essential oils are aromatic whose atomic molecules can be diffused readily into the air and absorbed into your bodies through your olfactory and respiratory systems. It also helps in purification of air by removing toxins from the air, increasing ozone and negative ions which inhibit bacterial growth, destroying odors from cigarettes, or animals and filling the air with a fresh, beautiful, healing, and uplifting scent.Essential oils also helps in releasing emotional trauma, thus giving mental relaxation.


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  1. Applying externally/benefitting internally: Because of the molecular structure of essential oils, they can act on internal organs when applied externally to the body. Essential oils work through the skin on nearby organs, on the nervous system, and then throughout the entire body. Essential oils quickly penetrate the tissues of the skin reaching the organs and joints.Essential oils contain molecules which help transport nutrients to starving or undernourished cells. By providing needed oxygen, essential oils strengthen every cell in the body, including those necessary to boost immunity.
  2. Cell regeneration: Most essential oils are cytophylactic; this means that they stimulate the generation of new cell growth following burns, surgeries, or wounds of any nature. Of particular note in this category are lavender, patchouli, neroli, ravensara, coriander and many more.Essential oils can also activate capillary circulation. Increased blood circulation to the capillaries prevents tired, achy legs, and the slow healing experienced by diabetic people, as well as muscle tenseness and strain.


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  1. Skin care: The external skin absorbs and filters both nutrients and pollutants and expels various waste materials through the sebaceous glands. The skin is supposed to do all this amazing work while staying moist, healthy, and glowing. Essential oils can be of great help to the skin in accomplishing this amazing work.Organic skin care regimen make a significant difference to both thebeauty and functionality of your skin.Essential oils are powerful antioxidants. By their very nature, they assist the body in eliminating free radicals and the damage they cause.


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  1. Cleansing effect: All essential oils have a cleansing effect on the human system, whether it is on the skin, in the blood, in the lymphatic system, or on a person’s accumulated cellulite. One of the things that appear to happen when essential oils are used regularly is that toxins, free-radicals, cellular debris, fungi, bacteria, and even viruses attach themselves to the cellular structure of the essential oil and are then excreted from the body in natural and harmless ways. This cleansing effect on cellular receptor sites increases our ability to absorb and utilize vitamins and minerals.Most essential oils are expectorant to some degree. They improve the function of the lymphatic system by causing mucous to become more fluid and more easily expelled from the lungs and mucous membranes.

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