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The saying that ‘You look the way you feel inside’ is very much true. Aging is a natural process of every living being but to age gracefully makes a difference. Your skin is the first place which shows the signs of aging process. During the teenage, the skin is rosy, supple and soft. But as time passes, and you reach your mid-thirties, the natural glow and vibrancy of skin tends to lose. The skin becomes dry, loose and will be having fine lines and black spots. And by the time, you are forty; it may eventually feel lifeless, unless you take necessary precautions for making your skin alive, fresh and youthful.

It is a very true fact that you want smoother, softer, more youthful skin. But the question ‘how?’ again raises a lot of doubts and tensions. Numerous beauty and skin care treatments are available in the market now, making you clueless as to what to do and what not to do. Statistical studies indicate that people spend half of their life’s savings on beauty products and anti-aging skin care treatments to look fresh and good. And for some people, these highly expensive skin care facilities are not affordable too, making them lose their confidence in this large world of cut-throat completion.

Here comes the good news for you, the fairer sex who wants to look good and young even at their forties, without spending a fortune or their life’s savings. Natural skin care is very effective as it is affordable to all and doesn’t cause any side effects, even if continued for a long period of time. Discover 9 simple but effective ways to look youthful with a glow, without depending on the expensive beauty care treatments.

  1. Choose a suitable skin care:

    With unlimited options galore, it is really very tough to decide which skincare product to use or to discard. For that, first you have to find out your skin type, whether it’s too sensitive, normal or very dry. Then, it will be easy for you to choose anti-aging products for beauty and skin care.

  2. Detox:

    Toxins inside your body can make the skin on the outside of your body look less than beautiful. Detoxification is a gradual and continuous process involving regular internal body cleansing thus assisting you to be fit and healthy. Organic Green Tea is an effective detoxifier with rich antioxidant content.

  3. Nourish:

    Eating toxic, chemical-laden junk and packed foods will eventually reflect on your body and skin, leaving it dull, dry and flaky. Poor nutrition can also speed up wrinkling and cause breakouts. Nourishing your skin begins from the inside with the foods you eat and it requires nutrients to maintain vibrant health. Green veggies, fruits, nuts are some great nourishing foods. Organic juices are also a great option for skin nourishment.

  1. Cleanse:

    Keeping your skin clean is also important. Avoid using harsh cleansers that can actually strip the skin of hydration and leave it dull. Use a mild cleanser. Opting for organic skin care products will be always safe and will be suitable to almost all skin types. It works for all skin types.


  1. Exfoliate:

    Exfoliation removes dead skin cells on the surface of your skin that can cause dullness. You don’t need to buy expensive products or use harsh chemical exfoliators, however. You can prefer to use organic and natural range of skin exfoliators like oatmeal, honey, lemon etc.

  2. Hydrate:

    Drink plenty of pure water throughout the day so that your skin remains soft and supple. It can also get rid of all toxins and unwanted chemical traces. Eating fruits and vegetables with water content is also good.

  3. Organic makeup:

    Yes, it’s a fact that there are unlimited options in the market for each and everything but you should be the one who takes the final decision on what’s good for your skin, not for momentary benefit but also in the long run. Organic skin care ranges are very safe and is not causing any damage to the skin.

  4. Stress management:

    Stress is something which cannot be avoided but the way you deal with it makes all the difference, for your mind and also for your body, which will be directly reflected on your skin. Hibiscus tea is having medicinal properties even to fight off and lower hyper tension.


  1. Healthy lifestyle:

    And of course, your lifestyle does matter and impact your skin condition. Follow a healthy and well-balanced diet with regular exercise and proper sleep.

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