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Would it not be lovely if you had strong, shining and beautiful nails? A lot of us like to paint our nails in different shades and many of us use our nails for day to day activities like scratching, opening a can, scrubbing off dirt and a lot of other things. Funny as it may sound, we do actually use our nails in a number of ways and it is indeed a difficult task to keep them shining and strong.
Our nails get damaged every day when we use detergents and dishwashing agents. They contain harsh chemicals to remove dirt which also affect our nail and remove the protein content from our nails. Also, it makes our nails go dry and look lifeless. Gradually, our nails begin to chip away and become brittle.
What can you do to make sure that your nails remain strong and shining? Yes, there are many natural ways through which you can accomplish this. Let us see how you can do this at home.


  1. Amazing almonds
You can use almond oil at home to strengthen your nails. We often go looking for a natural nail coat that protects our nails. We fail to see that we have had our remedies at home for many years. Almond oil is one such remedy that helps to maintain nail health.
Almonds are rich in vitamin E and fatty acids that help to repair nails and a shine to nails. Try applying a little bit of almond oil and leave it overnight. You will notice that there is a natural shine in your nails after that. This is because Almond Oil has a very good moisturizing property that takes care of your nails from within. In a similar way, it also has antioxidants that help to prevent further damage.
  1. Soy power
Soy milk has the potential to keep your nails healthy and help them to grow longer. Soy is rich in all essential amino acids that are required for your nails to grow longer and stronger. They also prevent chipping and nail breakage.
You can try taking soaking your nails in a cup of soy milk for about fifteen minutes a day. This will help you to strengthen your nails.


  1. One and only Olive oil
Olive Oil is also rich in nutrients and it moisturises your nails. It is not sticky and is readily available in our kitchens. The next time that you use hands to wash clothes or vessels, do a strenuous job that could affect your nails or have hurt your nails, try applying a little bit of olive oil. You can apply it in the morning and go out with it.
  1. Caring Castor oil
Castor Oil has a cooling effect since it helps to remove excess heat from the body. When you apply castor oil to your nails and fingertips at night, it helps to remove excess heat and also moisturises your nails very well.
  1. Apple cider vinegar and lemon
The very nail polishes and nail polish removers that we use are full of chemicals and not good for our nails. Try to avoid using nail paints since healthy, strong and shining nails add natural beauty that actually beats any artificial and glittery colour that you might feel like wearing just for a day or two.
If you feel like using nail polishes, try to use natural nail polish removers when it is time to get them off. For this, you can take two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and add one tablespoon of lemon juice it. You can use this to remove nail polish at home by dabbing with a cotton bud. Lemon is very effective in bleaching and keeps your nail looking brighter. Apple cider vinegar has alcohol content which is very potent in removing the nail paint. At the same time, it has amino acids and vitamins that nourish your nail.
Now that you have found natural ways to keep your nails healthy, strong and long, try them at home and see how they work for you!
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