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Almond Oil for Dry Skin

Tired of seeing your skin dry and lifeless? Dry skin is a condition in which the skin is void of essential nutrients, water content and hydration. This is further aggravated by external heat and pollution and could possibly result in rashes and itching.

What could be better than a home remedy to treat dry skin? Almond is rich in vitamins, proteins and fibre and works wonders when it comes to fighting dry skin problems. It can be used in many creative ways at home in making face packs and masks that will slowly reverse the dry skin condition and make your skin look radiating, soft and supple.

Here are a few simple home based skin care tips for dry skin.

  1. Almond and banana face pack

Take half a banana and mash it with a fork. To this, add five drops of Essential Almond Oil and add five drops of rose water and two tablespoons of milk and mix well. You can apply this face mask to your skin in the evening or at night.

Banana is rich in vitamins and essential acids and helps to fight skin dryness along with almond oil. Milk helps to soothe skin and this face pack also has skin lightening benefits.

  1. Almond and avocado face mask

Take two to three pieces of avocado and mash it well in a blender. Add five drops of Essential Almond Oil and one tablespoon of Organic Honey and blend well to form a smooth and even paste. Apply this mixture to clean and dry skin.

Avocado works wonders for dry skin since it contains essential cream and amino acids that hydrate skin and make it supple. When blended with honey, it becomes an excellent toner. Almond oil also helps to treat dry skin when blended in with these ingredients.

  1. Lemon, honey and almond face mask

Take quarter cup of milk and add two tablespoons of Organic Honey, five drops of lemon juice and five drops of almond oil and mix well. Apply this smooth mixture to your skin evenly. Allow it to remain for five minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Lemon and honey work well together as skin toners. They help to exfoliate and remove dry skin, and also help to protect it. Almond oil soothes skin and heals it.  

This recipe is not only a remedy for dry skin but a remedy for skin lightening and de-tanning also.

  1. Almond and sandalwood face mask

Take quarter cup of Soy milk and add two tablespoons of sandalwood paste. Alternatively, you could add five drops of Essential Sandalwood Oil and then add five drops of Essential Almond Oil. Mix well to form a smooth paste and apply it on dry and clean skin. Allow it to stay for ten minutes before rinsing with cold water.

Sandalwood has very good skin lightening properties and is also rich in Vitamin E. Along with almond essence, this lovely combination helps to rejuvenate dry skin and restore lost moisture. Soy milk is rich in antioxidants and also phytoestrogens and flavonoids that work wonders with skin. Together, these make a power packed face mask to fight dry skin.

  1. Almond and Aloe Vera face gel

Take two tablespoons of aloe Vera gel and add five drops of almond oil to form a thick gel-like paste. Apply this on your skin evenly and allow it to remain. You can even use this as a night leave-on treatment since aloe Vera is very useful in soothing skin at night. The effects last through the day.

Almonds and aloe Vera make an awesome twosome when it comes to soothing dry skin. Aloe Vera has a cooling effect on the skin and reverses scars and skin damage. It also hydrates the skin and prevents rashes. Aloe Vera and almond together can effectively control itchiness which is a natural problem with dry skin.

  1. Almond and egg face mask

Take an egg and beat it well. Add five drops of almond oil to it. Beat well to mix thoroughly and apply this mixture to your face before going to bathe. Allow it to remain for about ten minutes. You can use the same mixture for your hair also at the same time since it adds shine and lustre to your hair while removing dryness. Rinse well with water.

Eggs are easy and wonderful remedies to fight dry skin since they soften skin and add shine to it. When you use egg in your skin care recipes, it creates a thin coat on the skin and keeps it protected while taking off the dryness. Almond Oil combines very well with it and removes dryness completely.\

Tips to remember:

Do not use harsh soaps on your skin as it might further rip off moisture content from your skin. Also, be sure not to use too much warm water which also tends to remove moisture from skin. You can use cold or normal water instead.

Try these easy dry skin remedies at home and feel the difference!

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