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Packed with good fats, vitamins, minerals and pathogen-fighting properties coconut oil is rich in beauty enhancing essentials for all men and women and for all ages. Health is the real beauty! Skin which is healthy and happy from inside looks most beautiful outside. This is the base line of function for cosmetic manufacturers who have aggressively pounded on naturally benefitting properties of coconut oil and started using same as a major component of their products.

There is an extensive list of uses and benefits of coconut oil but in the following blog we will be concentrating on discussing skin care and hair care benefits of this emollient elaborately, along with types of beauty and hair care products it is used in.

  • Dry skin can no longer be a problem: If dry hands or dry skin anywhere, yes anywhere is your concern, coconut oil can be your saviour. Rub a tiny amount onto your hands and feet before bedtime and you will no more need expensive bottles of moisturisers to take space in your vintage kit. Yes, a small amount used daily works because this oil is intense but light in its action. It gets absorbed deep and quickly leaving a pleasant smell on the Moisturisers with coconut oil added to them have taken huge space in the cosmetic market today.
  • For Dry Hair: Not only for skin, it can be used in small amounts to soothe out frizzy hair after shampoo adding the required shine to the ends and also be used in winters to provide required moisture as a lip balm does. Herbal hair conditioners and shampoos are a hit among nature based hair care
  • For Good Complexion: For supple skin and highlighted cheekbone give the additional glow and better contoured effect to the face. Rubbing slight amounts onto these areas can add an instant glow to the complexion for those not having it.
  • Hydration: You can save money by switching to coconut oil for shaving creams. Using before shaving legs can help your razor go close and clean on your skin while adding smoothness and shine to the skin. Its protective action also helps keep infections at bay. Be careful while working in the bathroom with this slippery liquid.
  • Deep Conditioning: Coconut oil has very good conditioning properties for the hair thanks to its ability to penetrate into the hair shaft easily. It can be used as part of pre-shampoo conditioning mask or used just after shampooing while inside the shower to give shine and extra hydration to the hair.

  • Cleansing Action: With prominent antibacterial and antifungal properties this oil works best as a gentle and effective makeup remover. It cleans the pores from within staving off the chance of clogging with make up or dirt particles.
  • Exfoliation and scrubbing: Coconut oil can be added to exfoliating face masks as well as body scrubs. Massaging with a gentle circular motion on the skin can help remove dirt and dead cells while also improve circulation and hydration levels of the skin. If not scrub general massage with the oil once in a while helps the skin absorb all its nutrients into deeper layers. Many salons use massage oils and other herbal infusions with coconut oil as the base oil.
  • Anti-aging: Regular use of this oil as under eye cream has also been found effective in getting rid of dark circles, removing acne scars, tightening of skin pores and waving off visible signs of ageing like wrinkles and fine lines. Coconut oil is being used be some nature based cosmetic manufacturer brands as part of anti-aging creams and under eye treatments.

All these actions of one gentle massage with this wonder oil can make facial and body skin smooth, soft and glowing. Know your need and stick to pure oil or its variant or some product having it as a benefitting ingredient. Regular and consistent use has bestowed many nature based beauty enthusiasts with shining complexion, healthy skin and gorgeous hair. Step ahead and try this simple, less expensive and effective beauty treatment for yourself too.

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