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Have you thought of bathing as a treatment? Hot tub sessions with bath salts infused in your tub can really benefit your body and mind both. Bathing salts have been in existence since ages and years of research have revealed that these products bestow us with many benefits when used regularly. The concept of bathing salts can be related to mineralised natural springs. They help pamper our body like Mother Nature would.

Bath salts are skin essential minerals combined synthetically to form crystal-like substances which have two very important physical characteristics. These include

  • Being readily soluble in water and;
  • Getting absorbed in the skin easily.

Apart from minerals other useful ingredients found in bath salts are glycerine, fragrance producing expedients and essential oils (sometimes). The combination is varied to give different purpose to each one. While glycerine has emollient or lubricating effect for the skin, minerals in the salt act in their usual way as described below and essential oils have their specific uses. Bathing salts can be a combination of any of four essential minerals viz. potassium, calcium, magnesium, bromide and off course sodium. Each mineral has different positive effect when absorbed into the skin like:

  • Calcium helps retaining water into the skin. Its absorption has also been related to balancing calcium levels in the body necessary for healthy skin and bones.
  • Bromide acts to de-stress or loosens up tightened muscles
  • Magnesium helps fight muscle fatigue and relax them
  • Potassium helps the skin by balancing its moisture level and hydrating it.

Improving skin texture and tone is one outcome visible from outside but the absorption of good minerals into the skin benefits the body from within. Some key pointers about use and selection of bath salts are as below:

  • When pores open and absorption happens, detoxification process of inner layers of the skin gets started. With this deep cleansing action, regular use of bathing salts enhances the health of the skin from inside and not just promotes temporary outer effects.
  • Reaching deeper layers of the skin helps clean up toxins laid inside in the form of pollution particles, dirt and extra sebum or oil. This gives skin smoothness and makes it less prone to damage or infections caused from such build up. This also waves of chances of developing body acne, pimples and hair back growth.
  • Desired effects can be experienced by choosing bath salts with specific essential oils added to them. Like lavender oil bath salts help in insomnia, tea tree oil helps with skin infections, those having ginger oil are used to relieve joint pains and the list is extensive. Take your pick by noticing the ingredient list of your bath salt.
  • Some manufacturers have been producing bath salts with specific additives helping in getting rid of skin conditions like psoriasis or itchiness or even osteoarthritis. Especially sulphur containing bath salts are usually suggested for specific skin conditions or as targeted skin treatments.
  • Not only does a hot water bath with infused bath salts help relax your body, it de-stresses your mind too. In todays’ lifestyle where mental and physical stress takes the toll over our health, bath salts can be a quick, enjoyable and very relaxing treatment to calm down your mind and body.
  • While we talk of its benefits it becomes necessary to talk about the user group suitable for this product. Bath salts belong to product category with huge safety brackets and thus can be used by people belonging to various profiles in terms of age, fitness levels and even skin types.
  • With a wide array of benefits and uses, bath salts are ready to fit in bathing accessories collection of one and all. If you are looking to treat specific skin or health issue with bath salts consult your doctor to be sure of the combination you select. While you cannot go wrong with this ‘no side effect producing’ product selecting the right one multiplies the specific results you are seeking from its use.

Bath salts can help in many ways. You can choose from the extensive variety available at stores today. Cosmetic manufacturers are aggressively targeting this product line and are ready with combinations to boost skin’s health. With this said benefits of this pulverised combination of minerals is clear and thus its success in promoting wellness is obvious knowing it has a huge amount of users and lovers.

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