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Essential oils are concentrated hydroponic liquids with high concentration of chemical components showing biological activity. Medicinal plants or even other plants with proven health benefits are used to extract essential oils from their leaves, seeds, resin, barks or flowers however suitable and feasible. Most important criteria of essential oils making them medically helpful are their richness in health enhancing chemical components. Hundreds of essential oils are available today with well-researched portfolio of benefits for human mind and body.

Essential oils bring us back to Mother Nature for healing and mothers never go wrong with kids. Thus, essential oils have been considered a gift from nature to mankind. They help heal, relieve, repair, restore and provide benefits in numerous other ways. Their action is not restricted to physical balance but also help restore mental and emotional balance which is usually lost in today’s competitive, challenging and stressful lives. Some useful facts about essential oils which also make them a preferred treatment option have been listed below.

  • Non-Synthetic in Nature: With absolutely no extraneous additions or no synthetic chemicals added essential oils have by far proved to be most safe and risk free form of treatment. Natural healing properties of essential oils have been elaborately researched and now being extensively put to use by including them in creams, ointment, tonics, pills and massage oils for getting best out of these miraculous gifts from nature.

  • Holistic approach to healing: Healing mind has become a major necessity in today’s stressful lifestyle. Anxiety and stress peak into our lives like next door neighbours and soon make home in our minds like unwanted guests. Getting rid of these issues is easy and effectively achieved with essential oils. Strong, unique and mostly pleasant aroma of essential oils is key way to elicit brain cells and uplift mood. Emotional imbalance and mental congestion can be relieved by including essential oils like lavender oil and frankincense oil for aromatherapy. Their use in incense stick, room purifiers, bath salts and massage oils works to restore harmony between mind and body.

  • Wide safety index: Use of certain cosmetic products or medicines can have severe side effects or skin reactions which is not true with essential oils which are mild but effective. Knowledge about essential oils before using it is must. Once you strike upon the right oils or right combination to help your condition you cannot go wrong with this all natural product. Proper usage of essential oils includes knowledge of right concentration and right method of usage. While some oils are strong and should be mixed with carrier medium before application others can be directly applied. Some can be ingested others are meant only for topical use. The oils when properly used have zero side effects and are safe for use by all age groups (infants, children, adults and elderly), all skin types (sensitive skin or old fragile skin) and even for pregnant women.

  • Various modes of application: Essential oils can be used or applied in many ways. Topical application (sunscreens, moisturisers, creams, ointment, antiaging creams, anti-acne and anti-fungal creams, balms etc.), inhalation (roll on, bath salts, massage oils), diffusion (air purifiers, diffuser oils , incense sticks etc.) and even ingestion (tonics, special preparations, green tea etc.) methods work with these oils. One needs to be careful of the type of oil, its strength and desired effect before opting for any type of above methods.

Essential oils when correctly chosen and regularly used provide package of benefits and promise to restore health and happiness of mind as well as body. Chemical products promise instant effects but come with danger of side effects which can be instant or those which are discovered later. Thus nature based products are a safe bet and with above discussion much more beneficial and safe for use. There most liked aspect is their capability to boost physical, mental and emotional health for its regular users.

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