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Kajal, or eyeliners, can give a person an entirely different look. It’s a subtle alteration to the face, but a powerful one. No woman’s makeup kit can be complete without the singularly powerful kajal. 

All women know this, so all women have eyeliners with them. They use it frequently and they look good. Trouble is, it is most likely that most women use inorganic kajal, which contains harmful chemical substances. These substances over time can really ruin the natural beauty of the individual and even put them at risk for medical conditions. 

Step in Organic Kajal and organic makeup, saviour to all. The organic makeup industry has boomed over the past few years and one of the most prominent items in the market right now is organic kajal, it being the ubiquitous item that it is. Women are increasingly turning to organic makeup for their cosmetic needs and the fact that common cosmetic products contain harmful chemicals is being made more aware of, which many will agree can be devastating to the body. 

There is little difference in the appearance or application of organic makeup. Anyone who glances at your face would not be able to tell that an organic product has been used; the quality of organic kajal matches that of any inorganic kajal available. Handcrafted Eyeliners meet all the standards of production. They don’t smudge. They last all day. They look great. 

If you’re not sure of organic makeup in general, there are other reasons that are quite persuasive in the consideration to use organic makeup. Here are some of those reasons: 

  1. They Are Environment Friendly 

Chemical cosmetic products are loaded with nasty chemicals which damages the environment, as well as your skin. A lot of mining goes into the production of makeup products. Petroleum and aluminium are two major substances which are extensively mined for the creation of inorganic cosmetic products. 

By switching to organic makeup, you’ll be doing the world a great relief. 

  1. It’s Full Of Nutrients 

Organic products have the additional benefit of offering your skin nutrients. Cocoa butter, a popular organic element, moisturizes your skin to a great degree. This ability to nourish your skin and highlight it at the same time is a rare combination, and a wonderful one. 

Inorganic products, on the other hand, contain so many dangerous chemicals that the skin absorbs. That alone should convince you to switch. 

  1. It Holds Off Aging 

Yes, the wonders of natural makeup include preventing the onset of the appearance of aging. The organic products contain mineral that act as a natural barrier to the sun and harsh environmental compounds. Trust nature to come up with the wonder products. 

There’s no doubt to the question of whether you should be using organic kajal or not. It’ll greatly extend the longevity of your natural beauty, without compromising on a makeup product’s ability to highlight this natural beauty, and avoid the possible medical trouble that comes with using traditional makeup. 

If you’re worried about choice, don’t be. There are numerous organic products out there and in colours like Fern Green Kajal, Indigo Organic Kajal, Dark Brown Kajal  and even a special 24 Carat Organic Kajal version.

Not just for kajal, but for many other types of products as well. Like we said, the organic industry is really flourishing, as more and more people are becoming aware of the plethora of benefits that organic products have to offer. Have a look at some of the products yourself and see if they’re not up to the mark. 

The day will come when organic makeup will replace inorganic makeup, or at least match it in popularity. There is much scrambling now for a product that offers the same level of beauty without compromising on health and safety. JoyByNature recognises this trend and hopes to offer the creations of the organic makeup world. There are already many, many products to choose from, and it’s only growing, so start browsing for a product that’ll become a staple of your makeup kit.

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