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Your skin is a reflection of your health and wellness, and you should be showing it off proudly and not have to hide it behind layers and layers of clothing. While there are certain basic tips and tricks to follow for glowing skin, such as regular cleansing, toning and moisturizing, our skin, for various reasons may develop marks, scars and blemishes. 

Following are some of the main reasons for skin marks: 

  1. Acne

With unhealthy lifestyles becoming common these days, acne is now afflicting adults as well as teenagers, leaving skin pockmarked. 

  1. Burns

The severity of the marks from burns depends on the severity of burns. While third degree burns might require plastic surgery, first degree burn marks can be resolved through usage of products. 

  1. Scars

Scars can appear in various instances like accidents or surgeries. 

  1. Skin Diseases like Eczema or Psoriasis

These skin problems ravage the top layer of the skin and leave behind scaly discoloured blemishes. 

  1. Stretch Marks

Skin gets stretched at times of extreme weight gain or loss, and during pregnancy, resulting in stretch marks. 

  1. Pigmentation

Skin gets discoloured, either due to a disease or genetic conditions. 

There are many chemical-based products that are available in the market, but these may contain elements that could have allergic reactions with your skin. So, choose natural or organic products made with essential oils and extracts of plants and herbs. These are safe and non-reactive, and extremely effective with regular use. 

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  1. Oil

Oils have always been a skincare component right from oil massages to little infants being lathered with oil to stretch their limbs and improve blood circulation. Science has now discovered the ability of oils enriched with herbs and plants in helping rid skin of blemishes and marks. These bio oils help rehydrate the skin and fight existing skin marks and prevent the appearance of new ones. They should be applied twice daily and massaged into skin in an upwards motion for a minimum of 3 months for optimal results. 


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  1. Cream

Creams are heavier and more nourishing for your skin. They go deep into the tissues to remove the effect of the marks and help decrease the discolouration of the affected area. Use a milk-based cream for night use and a water-based cream for day use. 


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It is important to consider the following aspects before choosing a product to treat your skin marks: 

  1. Your Skin Type

It is imperative to understand your skin type before considering product options. Your skin might be normal, dry, oily or a combination of the last two. You should also be aware of its sensitivity levels. Always ensure that you buy skincare products that are compatible with your skin type. 

  1. Climate Conditions

In addition, you should also take into consideration the kind of climatic conditions existing in your surroundings. Dry weather requires heavier products while humid weather needs lighter water-based products. Also, if you are working in an air-conditioned office the whole day, you will need an intensive moisturizer. 

  1. Composition of Product

Always look at the list of ingredients that have gone into the product. It’s always better to choose an organic or natural product over a cosmetic one. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the components. Keep an eye out for any labels or certifications that state that these products are organic or natural. 

  1. Your Needs and Usage Pattern

Understand your needs and usage pattern before purchasing a product. It’s always best to buy a smaller-sized container when purchasing a product for the first time since it allows you to try the product at minimum cost. Do not store these products for a long time since this reduces their efficiency. 

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