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Lip Balm is considered to be amongst the most basic components of any modern teenager or young women’s personal handbag. Some of the best brands are now creating some unique flavors of lip balms with natural ingredients for easy pampering of the lips. Carrying around lip balms in bright hues and attractive boxes has become quite a fad amongst young ladies. 

Let’s take a look at when one should use lip balm and what are the various uses of lip balm other than using it on the lips, of course. 

When Should You Use Lip Balm? 

Everyday: Lip balm protects the lips and makes them soft, smooth and pretty to look at. You can therefore use lip balm all the time – during the day and night. 

In Cold Climatic Conditions: Cold climatic conditions tend to dry out the lips and make them feel chapped. If ignored, this could turn into painful cracked lips. It’s therefore essential to apply lip balm regularly during the winter season to restore moisture to your lips. 

Apply It Under Your Lipstick: Lip balm acts as a protective coat from the chemicals present in lipsticks. It also makes the application of lipstick easier as it creates a smooth surface. 

Use If Spending Too Much Time In An Air Conditioned Environment: Using lip balm regularly if you are spending too much time in an air conditioned environment is a good idea as your lips could get dry with the cold and dry air. 

Apply It Before Going To Bed: Your lips could be going dry during the night. It is therefore advisable to use some lip balm before going to bed to moisturize your lips. 

Uses/Benefits Of Lip Balm 

To Heal Chapped Lips: This is the primary function of lip balm and the reason why it was invented. Chapped lips can occur during winter or dry climatic conditions and even if the body is not sufficiently hydrated. Applying lip balm can soothe chapped lips making them smooth and soft. 

To Protect A Nose Affected By Cold: When you have a cold, you tend to blow your nose very often, which can lead to dryness and irritation on and around the nose. At such a time, rubbing a little lip balm does wonders to the effected area. 

To Heal Dry Winter Fingertips: With constant exposure to the dry and cold wintry air, your fingertips could end up feeling cold and dry. Whenever you apply lip balm on your lips, rub a little on your fingertips to make them feel moist and supple too. 

To Moisturize Cuticles: Lip balm works wonders on dry cuticles. It’s a fuss-free and easy option to get your cuticles out of their dry zone. Give them a slight rub with your lip balm to take their dryness away. 

To Shape Your Eyebrows: You may not have had the chance to get your eyebrows done at the parlor since a few days. Don’t worry. A little lip balm can come to your rescue. To shape eyebrow hair that has gone astray, use a tiny bit of lip balm in the affected area. 

To Hydrate Dry Joints: Elbows, knuckles, knees and ankles are parts of the body that may become dry and scaly, if not looked after regularly. Applying a little lip balm to such areas can work a long way in making them feel and look hydrated. 

To Tame Unruly Locks: If you are having a bad hair day and your tresses just refuse to get into place, use your ever faithful lip balm. Just a teeny-weeny bit and you can smooth your tresses into place. 

Lip balm can prove to be quite an economical, multi-purpose element to carry around. It may not be one of the most glamorous and talked about beauty product, but it sure can be very useful. Try it now and avail its numerous uses! 

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