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Keeping your hands well manicured and pampered is a sign of good overall health and the fact that you take care of your appearance. With less time on hands these days, it’s quite difficult to find time to visit beauty salons often to try and get manicure fixes. What comes to the rescue is Hand & Nail Cream. Hand & nail cream is a great cosmetic product to keep your hands protected from the vagaries of weather, from the dryness caused by everyday household chores and from constant exposure to different elements. 

How Can You Use Hand & Nail Cream?

Hand & Nail cream can be used multiple times during the day. For best results, you should try and use a little bit after every time you wash your hands to refurbish the lost moisture. 

Hand & nail cream can also be used after a bath to make your hands feel supple and soft. 

When used at night just before bedtime, hand & nail cream works through the night to repair the skin and nails leaving you with beautiful baby soft hands in the morning. 

Use hand & nail cream whenever your skin feels dry. There is no restriction to the number of times that you can use it throughout the day. Squeeze out a dollop of the cream on your palm and gently massage right from the tips of your fingers to your wrists. Make sure you get enough on your nails as well and massage the area of cuticles to ensure maximum care and protection. 

Benefits Of Hand & Nail Cream:- 

  1. Softens dry skin

We use our hands in everything we do. Whether it is bathing, working, cooking, cleaning, writing, washing, typing or any other chore. Our hands are being worked at all times. This may leave our hands feeling dry, rough and chapped. Applying hand & nail cream can take care of your hands and when applied regularly, can soften the skin, leaving them feeling hydrated and moisturized. 

  1. Protection from the sun

If you spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, your hands, like the rest of your body are probably getting exposed to a lot of sun. In order to ensure that the harsh rays of the sun do not damage or tan your skin, use hand & nail cream before stepping out. It acts as a protective glove. 

  1. Makes your hands look younger

Remember when your hands looked plump and taught and so much younger? With age and time, the skin of our hands tends to start looking old and fine wrinkles begin to appear. By using hand & nail cream regularly, your hands can look plumper and youthful. Since the cream draws water into the skin, you are not left feeling that your hands have gone dry and rough.

  1. Brightens & lightens the skin

Some hand & nail creams also brighten the skin of your hands making them look prettier and well looked after. They are known to lighten spots and boost cell turnover. 

  1. Protects the nails

Have you nails gone brittle? If yes, it’s time to take some remedial action to get them back to looking and feeling healthier. Hand & nail cream provides an easy option. It reduces the brittleness of nails. Sometimes, certain ingredients present in nail polishes and nail polish removers can dry out the moisture from nails. It’s important to restore this with the help of the appropriate hand & nail creams. 

Hand & nail creams should be a part of your daily beauty regime to ensure that your skin does not lose its elasticity. Depending upon the current condition of your hands and nails, choose a hand & nail cream accordingly. Over a short time, you can actually reverse the negative impact of years of not having looked after your hands and nails well enough. 

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