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Pampering yourself is a great thing to do. And treating your skin to luxurious and opulent Body Butter feels heavenly after a steamy shower or a long bubble bath. You may wonder why body butter and not lotion. Both are great products but different in their basic composition. Body lotions are made using water and are great for day time, during the summer or in locations that are very humid. Body butters on the other hand are more saturated and made with oils and butter bases and are ideal for night use, cold and dry weather.

Now body butter offers a ton more benefits than just moisturising your skin. It’s that one beauty secret that you can rely on for all your body care solutions. Take a look at some of the varied and wondrous uses of body butter.

  1. Intense Moisturiser

Certain parts of the body particularly knees, elbows and heels tend to dry out and become cracked and flaky. Apply a generous layer of body butter for instant absorption and long lasting hydration. Your skin will be thanking you for the quick moisturising therapy. You can even add a few drops of Vitamin E oil to body butter and use it as a night cream. Always remember to move your palms in upward strokes during application to prevent skin from sagging due to pulling downwards.


  1. Picture Perfect Pout

Dabbing on a little bit of body butter across the lips works as an excellent lip balm to hydrate and plump up the lips to give you a picture perfect pout. Another excellent use of body butter is to add a little bit of sugar to it and apply it like a lip scrub. Rub it all over the lips and surrounding area of the mouth to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells to reveal fresher and pinker lips.

  1. Combat Calluses

Calluses are a pesky problem that troubles you in an irritating manner. To get rid of corns and calluses and get back pretty pedicured feet just massage some rich body butter all over the upper and underside of your feet before bedtime. Pull on a pair of thick woollen socks and jump into bed. Follow this routine for a week and you’ll wake up to soft and smooth feet in no time.

  1. Alternative Hair Mousse

Sometimes your hair just needs a pick-me-up when it is looking dry, dull and damaged. And styling it in such a condition is an almost impossible feat. Now if you don’t have any mousse at hand, just take a coin sized amount of body butter and rub it into your strands and massage it in well. This will act as a hair revitaliser and liven up the hair so you can style it as you like. Just remember to be careful with the amount of body butter you use as you don’t want it to weigh down your hair and make it look oily.

  1. At Home Manicure

It always feels like you can never achieve a salon like manicure at home, what with all the products, creams and lotions they use. But instead of buying yourself a whole at-home manicure set, just pick up a pot of body butter and get started. Body butter acts like an excellent cuticle softener as well as hand cream. Just rub a small amount around your nails to soften the skin and push it back using a cuticle stick. After you are done with manicure, just rub some more body butter all over your hands to leave them feeling soft and smooth.


  1. After Shaving Solution

After shaving your legs, you are often left with scaly, burning skin, and worst case scenario – ingrowths. To keep your skin from getting irritated post a rushed shaving session, just warm up a dollop of body butter and massage it well into the skin using upward strokes. This acts as an awesome aftershave solution and will leave your skin feeling soothed, smooth and silky so you can wear your short dresses and skirts without worry.

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