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Bleaching is a popular treatment all over the world where certain creams are used to remove dark patches from the skin and even out the tone leaving you with brighter and lighter looking skin. Bleach creams usually have an instantaneous effect and many men and women opt for it before any big event to make sure they look their best. Unfortunately however many synthetic bleach creams use chemicals and artificial exfoliating agents which break down the skin cells and strip away the natural oils and nourishment of the skin. While this may instantly give you a fairer look, over time it does more damage than good. So it is ideal to use Organic Beauty Bleaches  with natural ingredients. Here is why organic bleaches are the best bet for you.

Skin Lightening

Excessive melanin production makes the skin appear darker than its natural shade. Organic bleaches seep through the skin and combat rising melanin levels to remove any dark patches. This helps give you a brighter look by lightening the skin tone. Even if you have a dark tan, opting for an organic bleach treatment will eliminate the dark skin cells and allow for the newer ones to surface. Following this for one to two weeks helps to get rid of a tan. The oxidization process of the bleach naturally removes the impurities from the skin and makes it easier for the skin to breathe. Over time, this leads to naturally lighter skin.


Improved Texture

Chemical bleaches make you look fairer but destroy the quality of the skin in the process making it rough and damaged. Organic bleaches on the other hand, enhance and revitalise the skin with its natural properties. The bleach removes dead skin cells along with black heads, white heads and other impurities leaving skin soft and smooth.  Regular use ensures suppleness and smoothness of skin for a long time.

Natural Glow

When the skin becomes lighter and is allowed to breathe, it gets a beautiful glow due to the oxidization. The skin tone is even and all the impurities are removed making your face appear clearer and brighter. Regular bleaching removes any dullness gives you a youthful appearance with fresh and dewy looking skin.

Reduced Blemishes

Blemishes on the skin may be caused by a number of reasons – acne and pimples, pigmentation, scars, sun and age spots etc. An organic bleach acts on these spots and reduces their appearance by causing them to fade. It travels deep through the pores and removes any accumulated dirt particles or bacteria which cause the skin to look blemished. It also removes excess melanin which darkens the skin tone. If your skin is prone to dark spots and blemishes, it is ideal to regularly use bleach to rid your skin of the unhealthy contaminants and give you your beautiful glowing skin back.


All Natural Treatment

Most skin lightening treatments use harsh chemicals or unnatural processes to treat the skin and make it look fairer. Use of lasers, chemical peels etc can do extreme and irreversible damage to skin. In fact these treatments also make you look older before time because of the compromised quality of the skin. Organic bleaches do no such damage because they contain all natural ingredients which are extremely beneficial for the skin. The treatment is also economically viable and does not burn a hole in your pocket.

Now while it is good to bleach your skin regularly, this doesn’t mean you do it on a daily or a weekly basis. One should ideally bleach the skin only about once a month for most effective results. After applying bleach, stay away from direct sunlight as the harmful UV rays can cause a reaction on the skin. Usually after removing the bleach, many people feel that the skin has become dry. This is a normal and temporary reaction. Just apply some moisturiser and your skin will feel normal in no time. Pick your favourite organic bleach and get started right away.

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