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Skin exfoliation is the process of removal of dead skin cells and dirt from the uppermost layers of the skin to reveal softer and cleaner skin cells underneath. It is an important aspect of beauty and skin care experts often advise in favour of regular exfoliation. Besides cleansing, exfoliation has a number of other benefits too. It can treat skin problems, increase blood circulation and leave you with youthful and glowing skin.

Here are some amazing benefits which are sure to convince you to exfoliate with Organic Masks and Scrubs more often.

  1. Reduction Of Acne And Redness

Post breakout blemishes and dark marks are a bane for the skin. The accumulation of dirt and the after effects of pimples can leave you with terrible acne and redness. The acne keeps growing and can affect your appearance and confidence. Exfoliating twice or thrice a week is a great way to get rid of the damaged cells and replace them with the healthier ones underneath leaving you with clearer skin.

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  1. Reduction Of Dark Spots

Depending on age, past pregnancies and even hormonal changes in the body, the skin can start facing the issue of excessive pigmentation which makes it look darker. As you grow older, these dark patches continue to grow and become more prominent. Regular exfoliation helps break down the pigmented skin cells and slow down the skin darkening process. It encourages the growth of healthy skin cells which help dark patches to fade.

  1. Removal Of Hair Ingrowths

If you wax or thread body or facial hair, sometimes you will notice ingrowths where the hair grows back but is not able to come through the skin. It irritates the skin from underneath and causes redness and inflammation in some cases. Exfoliation helps to open up the pores allowing the hair to break through the skin and avoid irritation and rashes.

  1. Treatment Of Dry And Damaged Skin

Dry skin lacks natural moisture and tends to become flaky and can peel off. This can irritate the skin and can also lead to infections or an overall dull appearance. Using a scrub to exfoliate the skin rubs off these dry patches and renews the skin making it softer and suppler.

  1. Removal Of Sun Tan

Excessive exposure to the sun can lead to an unwanted tan. The skin can sometimes become unevenly tanned and leave odd dark patches. This can be treated with a regular exfoliation treatment to remove the darkened skin cells and expose the newer cells below. The newer skin is a natural colour and is also more even toned.

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  1. Removal Of Blackheads

Due to natural oil produced by the skin, pollutants and dirt tend to stick to the skin and clog the pores. This leads to a dull appearance of the skin and can affect the overall health also. Clogged pores can further lead to blackheads and whiteheads which commonly appear on the nose, chin and forehead. Exfoliating with a scrub can clean these pores thoroughly and also remove the stubborn blackheads.

  1. Treatment Of Skin Conditions

The skin can undergo various problematic conditions. Overly oily skin, blemished skin and irritated skin are just some of the common problems each with its own set of difficulties. Regular exfoliation can restore the natural balance of the skin by combating oiliness and maintaining the appropriate moisture levels, cleaning out the blemishes and infections, and removing dirt particles which can harm the skin.

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While exfoliating the skin is important, it is crucial that you don’t overdo it. Daily scrubbing will irritate your skin rather than benefit it. It is best to exfoliate not more than twice a week. Depending on your skin type you can choose different scrubs to suit you. Those with sensitive skin should use milder scrubs made with apricot, whereas those with oily skin can try strawberry based scrubs. Face scrubs are available as face packs as well as face washes. It is best to apply the product and massage it on the skin in circular movements, leave it on for a few moments and then wash it off.

You can browse through a variety of scrubs here, and find the one that suits you best.


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