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After a long, hard day nothing feels better than a glorious soak in a tub of hot water. The tepid waters lapping at your body while you unwind in a fragrant atmosphere can do a lot to calm your nerves. And one way to make this bath feel even better is by using lush Organic Bath Salts to give yourself a spot of luxury right at home.

Bath salts are primarily fragranced water soluble Epsom salts with a lot of therapeutic and soothing properties. They are supposed to be added to bath water and benefit the skin, overall health and can also help to combat mental stress and anxiety. Bath salts contain elements like magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium which are easily absorbed by the pores and can cleanse and clarify the skin.


Benefits Of Bath Salts

The list of benefits of organic bath salts can go on and on.

  1. Bath salts act as excellent exfoliating agents and get rid of the dead skin giving way to much softer and smoother feeling skin.
  2. The high mineral content in the salts helps treat skin conditions such as calluses, rashes, eczema, psoriasis etc.
  3. It can alleviate the irritation caused by insect bites or allergic reactions.
  4. When dissolved in warm water, the salts work to ease the tension from the muscles of the body. It is recommended to have a warm bath with salts after a tiring day, or you can even soak your feet in the water if you are having cramps etc.
  5. Besides smoothening the skin, bath salts can also be used to scrub the tan off after a long vacation spent sun bathing.
  6. The magnesium in the salts work on the internal systems and help fight fatigue and mental stress whereas the calcium when absorbed by the body helps keep a check on the water retention and maintains good health of the bones.
  7. When you mix the salts to your bath water, using them on a regular basis also helps to flush out the toxins from the body and give you a feeling of freshness and well being.
  8. For those battling cellulite, scrubbing yourself regularly with some bath salts helps in reduce the puffiness of the skin by balancing the lymphatic system and giving you a detox.
  9. The vigorous action of a salt scrub helps boost the blood circulation in the body causing the skin to perk up and look healthier, younger and brighter.
  10. The refreshing scents of the bath salts are often used in spas and can even be effectively used at home as a mood up-lifter and energy booster.

How To Use Bath Salts

Bath salts come in a variety of fragrances and colours infused with different herbs or oils. Each of these have some significance. For example, it is recommended to use citric fragranced salts in the summer months to soothe the skin and to leave behind a refreshing feeling. On the other hand it is best to use eucalyptus or lavender infused salts to alleviate stress and tension. Salts with green tea, tea tree oil or sea salts are best used for beauty benefits and to improve the texture and quality of the skin.


To use the bath salts, start by filling up half the bath tub with water. Then take a fistful of the desired salt in your hand and hold it under the tap under running water. Let the salts spread all over the water and dissolve sufficiently and then fill up the tub completely. Alternatively you can take some of the salts in a piece of cloth like a handkerchief and tie it up to create a pouch. Dip this pouch into the filled up bath tub and move it around so the salts dissolve completely. If you do not have a bath tub do the same with a bucket of hot water and take a bath as usual. If you are using the shower, just take small quantities of the salt and use it as a scrub all over the body. You can do the same to exfoliate your skin even in the bath tub.

Use the bath salts as you like to give yourself a luxurious and relaxing time. Use it to energise yourself before you begin the day or to unwind at the end of a laborious one. Just sit back and enjoy.

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