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Who uses soap bars today? I guess soap bars are not even used for washing these days. Its an old school though, today we just need our fruity or vanilla sugar body wash.


Nothing can rejuvenate more than a hot shower with your favourite body wash.



However if you want to make best use of your bathing time, follow some of these tips.


  • Do not go without your wash cloths. Wash cloths will produce more lather and will act as ascrub. It will remove all the dead skin from your body.


  • If you have a dry skin donot think of bar soaps. Look for a good moisturizing body wash that’s made up of lotion or has oil base.


  • After your bath always moisturize your body and face.


  • If you have very dry skin then look for body washes which are lather free. The moisture or oil will settle into your skin for a longer duration.


  • Body wash is not a face wash. If you apply body wahs on your face it may clog pores.




  • Men can still do away with body wash but for women its a must. Women’s skin is more sensitive than men.


  • Less is always more in case of body wash. Too much of squeeze may leave greasiness.


  • Always use luke warm water but you must pour a blast of cold water to close your pores.


  • Bath washes are 100% more hygienic than the soap bars and you actually become cleaner in comparison to the soaps.


Now bathing time can be more than fun time and can help you reap benefits by just using some ingredients. Let’s learn about some of them and their benefits:


Epsom salt


If you are tired after heavy gymming or workout add Epsom salt to your hot water bucket, it will ease your exhausted muscles. Being rich in magnesium it makes your skin soft.



Its not only to make you high, polyphenols in alcohol acts as an anti aging which reduces the inflammation and soothes redness. You must have heard about red wine bath or a champagne soak.




Ginger in itself is therapeutic. In case of cold and flu it helps in clearing congestion. A freshly grated ginger in your bath will relive you of headaches and you feel cleansed as ginger releases all harmful toxins out of your body through sweat.


Essential oils


Indulge into an essential oil bath and you will get into a trance state. We have a plethora of essential oils each fragrance has its unique properties. If you want to rejuvenate and calm your senses go for rose, lavender, sandalwood or chamomile oil. There different oils which give you a better sleep and there are some who gets you into the right mood. Nothing can be more relaxing than aromatherapy.


Oatmeal bath


If you have a rash or an itchy skin indulge in an oatmeal bath. It is also good for sunburns and poisonous ivy reaction. It is a natural scrub which removes dead cells too.


Coconut oil

Coconut oil is antibacterial, antifungal, anti microbial in nature. Mix a tablespoon full of coconut oil in your bath tub. Your skin will be moisturized automatically. Its a natural way to soften your dry skin.




Lavender is an amazing herb. It is one of the most recommended bath soak for relaxation. It oozes out tension from your system and gives you a good night sleep.


Milk bath


The best way to moisturize your skin and also to treat skin eczema. It is good for a sensitive skin. Try mixing coconut milk with normal milk.




Add few tea bags to your hot water bath, it is a great revitalize. We recommend green tea as it is a great relaxer.




Honey bath is ideal for its antibacterial property, anti aging and moisturizing nature. The enzymes in honey will do wonders for your skin.


Baking soda


If you work out regularly try soothing your tensed muscles with a baking soda bath. It is a natural exfoliant and opens clogged pores too.



A rose milk bath is famous ever since the ancient era. More than its intoxicating fragrance it is moisturizing and antibacterial in nature.

Everyday bathing at times becomes monotonous, rejuvenate yourself senses by using an organic bath wash. Every time you bathe give your skin a delight!

For information on bath products derived from the above discussed click here.


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