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Alia Bhatt the Indian actress is having really a gorgeous skin which is being appreciated all around the world ; let’s see what she said when asked about her skin care regime,

“I feel one’s skin is a reflection of what’s inside. I keep in mind to drink lots of water; and of course, everyone has that one face wash that works very well for them. For me it is Neem & Tulsi Face Wash,". she said.

We all wish to be appreciated and admired and to be adored.  You always seek for attention if you are having a charming appearance. A fairer skin and a well defined personality could give you all the attention of people around you and also this boosts the confidence of individuals. Though it is also true that beauty is in our soul, but keeping oneself fair and clean is a bit different kind of thing. Looking beautiful is everyone’s desire, there are several secrets and tips that can make you gain beautiful, fair and flawless skin easily in all natural terms.

Here we have mentioned some tips that can be helpful for you:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Have green tea
  • Neem
  • Eat healthy
  • Try using natural substances for your skin
  • Keep your skin clean, clear and nourished
  • Allow your body to rest and sleep well
  • Practise meditation and yoga
  • Herbal supplements
  • Ubtan
Green tea- Green tea is considered to be best for its detoxifying properties. It keeps the blood purified and supports a healthy blood circulation. Drinking green tea in a regular basis makes our skin younger and glowing and also this helps in preventing aging. Apart from all this you can also wash your face from green tea, as this is also considered to be a great cleanser and toner. Also you can mix it with yogurt or rose water to prepare a face pack for your skin; this will surely make you look charming and younger.

    Eat healthy- Healthy eating and staying hydrated is necessary for all, this keeps us fresh, active and rejuvenated and also this makes the skin glow naturally. Eating fresh and natural food fulfils our daily nutritional requirements and helps in nourishing the skin well, resulting to a flawless and fairer skin. Try eating salad, green vegetables, fruits and juices this will make you and your skin healthier.

    Keep skin clean and nourished- Keeping skin clean and nourished will surely make you achieve a fairer skin. Eating alone cannot make your skin great; you need to nourish it externally for better results. Try using natural face wash, face masks and moisturizers. Also you can have herbal supplements to nourish your skin well.

    Ubtan- Ubtan is just like a magical mixture for our skin that is beneficial in many ways. This nourishes the skin, cleanses it and removes the dead cells. Ubtan is having numerous benefits like this makes skin tone lighter, removes blackheads and dark patches and also this helps preventing acne. You can prepare ubtan at your home by making a mixture of few natural substances like sandalwood, gram flour (besan), milk, turmeric powder, etc.


    Beauty is the reflection of our soul, let’s make it radiant.

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