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Summer is starting now and has reached to our door. Make your summer better and enjoy it with all free mind and you can do this right off by following these tips. Skin directly exposed to sun gets severs burns and tans also dehydration in summer can lead to severe health problems. We have discussed few things that will keep you and your skin healthier and well. Where in one hand summer brings enjoyment, vacations and fun, same in the other hands it brings a hot climate that is sometimes out of tolerance.

Let’s see what Kayleen McAdams says on this:

“Healthy, glowy skin is really important to a great summer look.  You don’t want heavy, cakey makeup in the summer — it just doesn’t stick well and is hard to maintain. I like to prep skin with Natural Rejuveness Cream. I work it into the skin in a circular motion, increasing blood flow and giving rosiness from within. If you need a little coverage, use a tinted moisturizer. It gives enough coverage but enhances the glow from the moisturizer.”

Summer hits could be tackled easily by:

  • Staying hydrated
  • Keeping skin safe from sun and dust
  • Eating healthy and nutritious
  • Using appropriate face masks and packs
  • Using sunscreen before going out
  • Keep your skin clean

Stay hydrated: Dehydration is the most common problem in summers and causes many health problems. In summers, it is very necessary to keep our body hydrated and also we should drink a lot of juice and energy drinks. As most of the nutrients and minerals flows out of the body with sweat, try fulfilling the loss by drinking more and more. Always carry a water bottle and have sips in every short span of time.

Eat healthy: Our body in summers loses energy instantly. It is very necessary to keep our diet healthy in summer and try to avoid junk foods. You should have fresh fruits and vegetables and try avoiding the warm foods. If your body is not able to achieve the nutritional requirements, you can also have some supplements or super foods to fulfill it. Remember that, we need to choose our eatables in summer very carefully.

Appropriate face mask: Lemon and tomato is considered to be best for preparing face mask for summers. This cleanses the pores of skin and also this keeps the cells hydrated. You can also prepare a past by mixing these with curd or rose water, this will surely be beneficial for you. Turmeric, lemon, tomato and aloe Vera are considered to be best used for summer days and this really works well, you can check it out. Multani mitti is also a savior for skin, that provides a flawless texture and also this keeps the skin cool and hydrated.

Use sunscreen: Summer time is best for fun activities and we all love to enjoy these days. But enjoyment sometimes could cause dreadful damages. These kinds of compromises should be always avoided. You can use sunscreens and other protective measures for your skin while going outside. There are many herbal sunscreens available in market that you can choose. It is very necessary to apply sunscreen to your skin before going out, otherwise the harmful UV rays could cause severe damage to skin.

Summer is meant for enjoyment and could be best if taken some precautions

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