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Good skin is the window to good health. The skin is subjected to damage, pollution and chemicals all the time, plus there are other factors like age, growth spurt, lifestyle changes, food habits etc. can contribute to pus formation and infected sebaceous glands that lead to pimples. Taking care of the skin is very important, more so of the facial skin which is prone to pimples and acne. Some of the remedies for curing these acne and pimples are as follows:

Quick fixes: Ice cubes and tooth pastes are the quickest fixes one can follow. Wrapping a cube of ice in a cloth and dabbing it at frequent intervals, to the affected area, proves to be very helpful. Likewise, a small dollop of toothpaste if applied to the affected area daily and left on for a couple of hours helps in drying off the pimple gradually.

Steaming the face: Applying steam to the face works wonders, as it opens the clogged pores. This in turn helps the skin to breathe. However, one must be patient as this might take time to produce results. Once the acne and pimples lessen, this can be made a habit.


Using the wonder drug and gel: The best and most natural gel that can be applied to the affected areas is honey. Taking it in a cotton swab or ear bud and dabbing it in and around the pimples gradually help in reducing the symptoms over time. The natural wonder drug is garlic, owing to its anti-bacterial properties.


Fresh fruits: Cucumber and papaya are the best fruits for such cases. They can be used as it is, made into a paste or pulp, or ground into juice to apply on the skin. The nutrient content of these fruits is great for the skin and if used over a long time, can cure it completely and leave the skin very fresh and clean. Besides these, other fruits that come in use are strawberries, bananas and lemon – their pulps, peels and juices are great remedies.

Vinegar and oils: Apple cider vinegar and tea tree oils are readily available in the market. A practice to dilute these in clear water and apply them to affected areas by dabbing them in cotton balls, works wonders in providing a healing touch and optimum skin care.

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