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Dr. Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon, author and television personality shares some home remedy for chapped lips. He suggests; mix sugar, baking soda and olive oil all together and get this mixture into paste form. Massage with this paste onto your lips and rinse with water, pat it dry.

We all seek for perfection when it comes to our looks. Each and every feature on our face has its own shape, size and importance. Combination of these features gives the natural structure to our face. One of the most noticeable features on face is Lips. Creation has already been done by God beautifully what we need to do is; to make efforts to keep Almighty’s work healthy in a best possible way. If we talk about lips, most of us must be having similar issues related to lips such as chapped and dryness on lips and dark lips.

Darker lips can be genetically inherited, most commonly found in dark complexioned people.  Lifestyle plays an important role and can be the biggest contributory factor in having darker lips. There are certain factors that can cause our lips to get darker. Some of the common causes for darker lips are; over exposure to sun, UV rays, allergies, smoking, excess of caffeine intake, age, imbalanced hormones etc.

These best natural home remedies can help you to get pink rosy lips-

Honey: Natural honey is one of those edible ingredients, which can perform wonders. It is a natural home remedy that can treat dark lips, caused by age and external factors. Apply honey on your lips every night, let it rest and remain there overnight. It will not only lighten and soften your lips but also get them a pink glow.


Natural Strawberry Lip balm: For natural smooth pink lips, mix one teaspoon of fresh strawberry with two teaspoons of petroleum jelly. Apply this as a lip balm daily on your lips to get natural glossy pink flange.

Olive Oil: Olive oil one of the most essential ingredients which is all time available at everyone’s home. It   contains vitamins, several vital minerals and other nutrients. What you need to do is; take few drops of olive oil on your finger tips and massage gently onto your lips before you go to sleep at night. It helps to soften your lips and make them glow to naturally.

Almond oil- Almond oil, obtained from almond seeds, is rich with protein, vitamins, and many essential minerals and healthy fats. Vitamins in almond oil can boost the ability to preserve moisture of your skin or lips. It helps to protect your lips from sun damage. Plus almond oil has emollient properties that soften and rejuvenate your lips naturally. What you are suggested to do is; Apply few drops of almond oil to your chapped lips several times a day.


Practice above natural ways to lighten your lips and make them bloom and glossy like a pink rose.
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