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Cosmetics is defined as materials applied on the body and face to improve its appearance; it enhances one beauty. It is widely used by women all around the globe who spend a huge sum on the products. The major misconception is cosmetics are used to rectify the ugliness but the truth is it magnifies one’s beauty, and it does not correct the ugliness. It boosts the confidence level of a person and makes her a self-assured person in the society.

Are Chemical cosmetics safe??

The cosmetics which are in trend nowadays are the chemical cosmetics. Though they give good results, the side effects make them look bad. Usage of these cosmetics can cause skin irritation, itching, skin problems, allergies. The chemical ‘Paraben’ can cause contact dermatitis and skin irritation and chemical ‘Sodium Lauryl Sulfate’ causes number of skin diseases, like dermatitis. The ingredients used in the skin can often burn the skin, so only it is tested on animals before the launch of the cosmetics.

Side-effects caused by the chemical cosmetics

  • Causes acne or pimples
  • Allergic reactions on skin
  • May cause cancer
  • Damages the outer skin and inner tissues
  • Dermatitis
  • Skin irritation
  • Eyes become pink, which in turn causes irritation in eyes
  • Breakouts around the lips, or on cheeks and chin.

Organic cosmetics products

It is reliable to use organic cosmetics as the ingredients used are natural and herbal things. The chances of the above said side effects are less when it comes to herbal cosmetics products because the materials used in the making of natural cosmetics products are natural and does not use chemicals.

Pros of Organic cosmetics

  • In,organic beauty products, the elements used are eco-friendly and not harsh chemicals, which leads to various harmful side effects.
  • The products have a natural scent,and so when inhaled, it does not cause problems like asthma, nervous disorder, and other respiratory diseases.
  • Because there are no harmful chemicals in the products, the herbal cosmetics will gentle your skin instead of harshening it.
  • The natural makeup products do not lead to premature
  • It has nutrients, so when absorbed it does not cause any negative effects. Instead, it has nutrients which are healthy for our skin and enrich our skin.
  • It maintains the moisture level as the herbal cosmetics will not dehydrate the skin.
  • The chemical used in the chemical products makethe skin go dry, but the organic cosmetics will maintain the pH balance of the skin.
  • Natural beauty aids will make your skin glow in a healthy way.

Why should I use organic cosmetics?


  • it is healthier for your skin
  • you are not prone to side effects or skin diseases
  • you are very much protecting your skin with the organic products
  • you are making your look beautiful inside out
  • it is the safer bet because we can’t risk much because it’s our skin

General tips for using cosmetics:

Test it

When you are trying new cosmetics do not apply it directly on the face. First apply it on the arm, wait for 24 hrs. If it does not cause irritation, allergy or visible patches around the skin, then you’re free to use that product. If you have the above-said symptoms, keep that product far away you. It’s not good for your skin or health.

Expiry date

The important thing is to check the expiry date of the product. We use cosmetics products on skin, eyes, lips, hands, legs, almost in all parts of the body. Therefore, it is necessary that you check the expiry date of the product before usage.


Check the ingredients used in the products. Search it on the internet, if it is highly toxic which can lead to harmful diseases then drop it in the dustbin and junk it in the junk yard.


Consult with your friends, neighbours, colleagues, or search on the internet about the products thoroughly on the internet.

Removing makeup

It is necessary to remove makeup before you go to bed. Either wash it thoroughly or use makeup removers. Don’t have a makeup remover at home? Chill now, you can always use your coconut oil to remove your makeup. And it is best advised when it comes to the eyeliner. Coconut oil is also good for your skin. So, using coconut oil has multiple advantages.

In society, one must have the great poise to be respected. To have that poise one needs self-confidence. Self-confidence is gained through make-up, as said by many women all over the world. Make-up does make a difference because it highlights our beauty which is hidden in our closet, figuratively speaking. Use best organic cosmetics products to enhance your beauty and flaunt it to the society, because it’s a shame to hide your beauty. So, come on let’s kill them with our looks. Click Here browse through various products of Joy by Nature and choose the best for you.


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