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We all want our hair to be perfect and stronger, and also we make many efforts to make them so. We make our best possible efforts to make our hair long, healthy, shiny and attractive but to achieve this one need to be very patient and attentive towards hair. Often we tend to be so, but still make some very common blunders that we should not. If we desire good and attractive hair we should care them well in natural ways. Many of us think that we know all about caring our hair but still experiences hair related problems. Using irrelevant shampoos and styles, unnecessary and inappropriate washes are few of them that lead to exposing & severe damage to hair. Now it’s time to open your eyes and to get over the myths that needs to be broken. Few common blunders are mentioned below that everyone should avoid instantly-

  • Washing mistakes- May be you are going all right with your hair from using natural products for your hair care and pampering them regularly, but still if you are not able to achieve the desired results and feels that your dreams of having healthy and attractive hair is not turning to reality. Well, if you are feeling the same and this all sounds familiar to you, then it is time to wake up and find out the things that you might be doing wrong unknowingly. Give a look to the washing mistakes people make.


  • Washing hair everyday- You should stop washing hair every day. It is suggested that one should wash hair at least in a minimal difference 2 days. Though you are the best judge and knows about your hair more than any other, so if you think your hair are being greasy and you need wash them you can wash them next day.
  • Rinsing hair with hot water- Though you love to rinse your hair with hot water, you must know that doing this will leave your scalp dry and also can cause severe damages to your hair.
  • Rinsing hair frequently- Using a lot of shampoo and washing your hair frequently will leave your hair greasy and the dirt will not be flushed out of your hair and scalp. Take some time to massage your scalp with your fingertips and apply the shampoo to your hair thoroughly.
  • Not shampooing correctly- If you think all shampoos are same and often switches to a new one. You are doing very wrong your hair. Try to go for a good and herbal shampoo that makes you feel comfortable and can nourish your hair and scalp well. Try using sulphate free shampoo and one with herbal ingredients it will make your hair healthy and shiny. Do not forget to use conditioner on your hair after shampooing them, you can use leave-in conditioner to help your hair shine well and to hold your look better.



  • Inappropriate Combing- Are you a girl that immediately combs their hair after washing them? If yes, stop doing this immediately, you must know that wet hair are more prone to breakage. Let the hair dry naturally and comb them only when they are dry. You need to use a wide tooth comb this will not encourage the hair fall and it is easy to comb with them.



  • Using irrelevant styling products- Ironing your hair everyday and heating them up is surely not going to work well for you, it will leave your hair dry, unhealthy and the one with a lot of split ends. Instead of using unnecessary hair styling products with chemicals you must go on for healthy herbal products to make your hair long, shiny and attractive. If you have got severe damage to your hair using irrelevant products you can try for some natural hair recovery products.

  • Using dyes and chemical colours- We should not use chemical colours or dyes, if we want healthy and attractive hair. Though colouring hair is an effective method for anti-aging but using inappropriate amount of chemical colours can damage your hair seriously. Most of us colour our hair all opposite of how they should be. Avoid hair dyes with chemicals and DDT’s mixed as ingredients, instead of them try to go for natural hair colour. Going organic could not be easy for all the time but this is the best for your hair and will also nourish them well along with giving them a proper style and attractive look.



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