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Glowing skin is everyone’s desire; either you are a working profession, a student or a housewife. Everyone wants to look Beautiful and attractive. It is one of the main elements of person’s beauty and makes a great difference in personality. Everyone is born with a natural glow in skin but stress, poor nutrition, lack of sleep, pollution and there are many other factors that leads to dull and tolled skin. Market is flooded of several skin beauty products promising to give a clear and brightening skin, rather relying on these you can go through simple home remedies and few of herbal and organic products. This will make a big difference and will also nourish your skin well along with making it look beautiful. Also your eating habit reflects your skin shades as certain foods have beneficial ingredients that make skin supple, soft and glowing. So sit relaxed and read out this to discover these natural mantras for brightening and attractive skin:

  • Eat Healthy & Drink Plenty of Water- Most of your skin’s health relies on your eating habits. If your skin is going dull, might be your body’s requirements for vitamins and minerals are not fulfilled. Drinking plenty of water and eating healthy food that is rich in vitamins will make your skin glow naturally. You should increase the consumption of almonds, water melon and tomatoes in your diet; it will provide the necessary moisture and minerals to your skin.

  • Vitamins for healthy skin- Sometimes our body is not able to gain all the nutritional benefits from whatever we eat, may be because of our poor metabolism or digestive system. There are many herbal supplements available in market that plays well in fulfilling your nutritional requirements.



  • Caring for your skin- Caring for your skin is very necessary, either you are having a busy schedule and don’t have much time for yourself. Some habits are essential in order to keep your skin glowing and attractive and you need to pay special attention to it. It includes gentle cleaning of your skin regularly, using organic and certified face wash and creams, using sunscreens for protecting your skin from the sun rays, meditation. These habits will rejuvenate skin cells and will allow them to glow well.



  • Herbal Face Packs & Scrubs- There is several creams, soaps, beauty products and cleansers available in market with a great range of price. Many of them are harsh and make adverse effect to skin; some of them are good also. It is advised to use all organic and herbal products for your skin, for the best results without any kind of adverse effect. Remember that there is no magic wand that will brighten your skin overnight, so keep your expectations realistic and you’ll surely get a brighter and attractive skin within few weeks.


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