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Do you often find yourself frisking the internet terribly to get the right beauty cream for your skin? Have you prayed to God a lot of times asking for an even and lighter skin tone? Is your unconfident and insecure personality due to your skin that is stocked with marks all over, obstructing you from realizing your dreams? And lastly, do you intolerably wish that there were some beauty products that would cater to all the needs and demands of your skin? Then fret no more, mate! This is precisely what you were rummaging for all these days. So sit back and read on to find out how depigmentation can be used as an anti-marks therapy.

Types of marks and why they occur

Before taking a dive into how to use depigmentation as an anti marks therapy and treat your uneven skin tone and marks, let’s first get an idea as to why they pop up in the first place.

  • Brown spots or freckles

The exposure of skin to the sun for prolonged periods can damage the melanocytes that results in even more production of melanin causing brown spots or freckles to form. Other reasons that also contribute to their formation are hormonal imbalance, genetic disorder and iron deficit in the body.

  • Acne Scars

The dermis layer of the skin i.e. the layer just beneath the epidermis where regular scars occur is precisely where the acne scars refuge. Acne and pimple buckle the normal skin tissues. If the damage occurs close to the surface, the wound goes off rather promptly and you don’t get to bear the scar. It is only when the deeper layers of the skin are injured that the surrounding healthy cells are faced with toxic debris and leave you knocked over with a nasty scar.

  • Blemishes

The coming about of skin blemishes can be accredited to various reasons, some of them being marks after pimples, age spots, dark patches of melanin, etc.

  • Skin discoloration

As it was just established, melanin is responsible for skin pigmentation. But sometimes, due to several reasons, the production machinery of this very pigment can go all out on crazy. Consequent under-production or overproduction leads to skin discoloration.

Why depigmentation?

Depigmentation products act directly over the melanocytes, regulating the production of melanin and if used dexterously, can help reduce all kinds of marks that occupy your skin. There are some highly essential things to keep in mind before you decide on your beauty care regimen, with patience emerging as the topper of the list.

  • Stay away from the sun to shine like it

It is common knowledge that prolonged exposure to sunlight causes sunburns. Sunblocks shield us from the injurious UV rays of the sun, decrease the skin’s melanocyte count and result in fairer skin. Needless to say, one ten-minute exposure to the sun and weeks of stringent care go in vain.

Dry skin is home to dead cells that lead to skin darkening. Moreover, dry skin is more susceptible to getting tanned in the sun. Hence, it is proved that you should be keeping your skin moisturized all the time to be able to flaunt healthy, supple and flawless skin.

  • See if it irritates

First apply the cream on a very small inconspicuous part of your body to see if it suits your skin type and leave it for 24 hours. If you feel any kind of irritation or inflammation, discontinue use right then.

  • Don’t mix creams

Never attempt mixing of different creams. Your face is not a color palette. Make this a thumb rule.

  • Exfoliate

Always exfoliate your skin if you have even the slightest wish of bidding goodbye to the dead cells of your skin.

It will only exacerbate the condition with a bacterial infection. So kindly control those nomadic nails.

  • Watch your diet

Have a lot of water and a balanced diet abundant in Vitamin A, C and E to get your body all the necessary nutrients and voila! Get amazing skin in return.

Just ingrain all the above mentioned information in your brain and set out to get healthy, glowing and radiant skin. It’s been quite some time since those marks and unevenness came and dwelled there. It’s time to bid them adieu and stun all your friends with your flawless skin. Also, do click here to surf through the other products that JBN brings at your disposal.


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