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Stretch marks are generally caused when the skin grows and shrinks after a certain period. It usually occurs in the upper layer amongst the various layers of the skin. This basically   leads to the loss of elasticity of the skin. These stretch marks signs are forever; they tend to fade, but the scars remain permanent.

Women mostly suffer from this problem of stretch marks during their pregnancy period which is also a major factor for concern of the women. The anti-stretch marks cream available in the market not only help to remove or lighten these marks, but they also help to prevent them. Pregnant women must use these creams in order to prevent these stretch marks. Many such kinds of stretch marks creams are available, and you tend to enter into a dilemma regarding which one is better than the other. So here I can provide you with some guidelines regarding which one to choose and which one to avoid.

  • It is always better to consult reviews before jumping on to any conclusion one should always go for the cream which has received a positive review. One should also get their eyes on the negative reviews as it generally makes the person aware about which ones to avoid

There are some creams which may cause allergy so those creams should be highly avoided.

  • One should not believe on the other person regarding the cream as the best or not every skin type is very different from one another so an ingredient of the cream which may suit one person may not suit the other person. Selecting the best stretch marks cream for you is the main job here.
  • A reliable brand should be used a brand which has been in the field for quite a number of years and has many of its customers using its particular product as these brand tend to be more reliable as they want to keep their steady customers happy.
  • One should also note the ingredients of the cream such as vitamin c vitamin d and glycolic acid.

  • After you have read the reviews and made your decisions after reading the reviews consult the family members who can give you the best suggestion as they may have used it in their .and they will be able to give you a good suggestion.
  • Before purchasing the cream, one should get hold of a store which provides various samples, if at free of cost then well, otherwise it may just cost you a pinch or so..as this may really help u to get an overall view of all the stretch marks cream.

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