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 A smell can alter moods, evoke memories and increase the chances of attracting a potential partner! Studies suggest that woman are attracted more towards men who wear perfume. If you wear the right kind of perfume, it will enhance your personality and make you feel good about yourself.It is important to choose the right kind as smell of some of the perfumes can not only attract people, it can even put one off.

So on what basis should you select your scent? Some smell may linger longer or for a few minutes. Some might be appropriate for a date but not for a meeting with your boss!

Which one should you choose?

  • Lifestyle

You should consider looking into your lifestyle before choosing your perfume. Wonder how these two are related? The kind of things that you eat or drink, is perspired through your skin. Therefore the smell of your perfume and the smell of the things that you take in should blend together and give a perfect odour!

  • Occasion

Going on a date would require you to wear a perfume that would make your woman go head over heels! But if you wear the same fragrance every day to your work place, it may not look very attractive.

  • Skin type

Not every skin type is suitable for all kinds of perfumes. An oily skin amplifies and enhances the effect of a scent which is light. Whereas, a thicker scent would go well along with dry skin. So it is best to identify your skin type before choosing your fragrance!

How to make the smell last longer?

  • Apply it to your chest

Spraying scent on wrists won’t make the smell last longer as the body temperature will burn the fragrance at a faster rate. It is best to spray the perfume over warmer parts of the body such as your chest, neck and shoulder.

  • No spraying on your clothes!

If you spray the scent on your cloth, it won’t allow the scent to bend with the oils produced by your skin. Thus it will be less effective.

  • Do not spray too much

Spraying too much of scent all over your body won’t make the smell linger for hours. It will only put people off!

A smell may go unnoticed as it cannot be seen, but it can create an ever lasting impression. Wearing the right kind of perfume will not only make you look more desirable, it will also reflect your personality.

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