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If acne breakout occurs it may become a serious problem for some and some of the ways by which we can tackle acne are:

  • Keep dirt and oil off: Wash your face at least two times in a day. Washing helping in keeping away oil and dirt from skin. Use a mild cleanser to wash your face and avoid the use of any scrub. Scrubs though help in removing dead skin, but sometimes while rubbing face with scrubber may cause acne to spread all over due to infection. Don’t was too often too as it will tend to make your skin dry.

  • Moisturize: For a healthy texture a glow to skin it becomes very necessary to moisturize it. For any type of skin it is very important to choose a moisturizer People with oily skin should go for non-comedogenic based moisturizers or can even try gel based or water based moisturizers. And those with dry skin may try cream based moisturizers.
  • Keep your hands off: Do not touch your face again and again. Touching it with dirty hands may spread bacteria and infections on skin. If you constantly keep on touching your face and pricking it the chances of scars being left out behind may also increase.

  • Save from sun: Try not to expose your skin to sun. Every time you step out of your house make sure that you have applied a good sunscreen. A sunscreen of 30 SPF or more is considered good for skin. While choosing sunscreen keep in mind your skin type and make sure it does not clogs your pores.
  • Eat right: Include in your diet all the healthy options and say a big no to junk food and oily food. Junk foods are rich in fat, starch and sugar which prove to be unhealthy for skin. Include as much as possible fresh fruits and vegetables. An adequate amount of nutrients, vitamins and minerals are very important for skin and other health related problems. What goes inside is reflected outside so eat good food.

  • Gallon of water: For a radiant, smooth and glowing skin drink plenty of water. Not only water is good for skin but helps in solving a millions of problems. Drink at least 3 liters of water per day to get a flawless skin.
  • See your scalp: Many a times scalp is also a cause of acne. If your scalp is not dandruff free or is oily it may cause acne of face.
  • Wash your regular use products frequently.

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