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People often think it’s because of the stress of work or due to less sleep and say it occurs because one is going through a great deal of pressure and tension. But it is not true. The kind of lifestyle we chose might play a role in losing our natural hair colour and its turning into white hair. It may also be hereditary from the facts we know.

If you take a look at the people who are from the western region you might find a lot of people with grey hair that might have to do either with the hereditary condition or their lifestyles. It cannot always be because of the decrease in the pigment, melanin.

More reasons for greying of hair

There could be several more reasons to this, as in it can be due to the deficiency of vitamin B-12, which would affect the production of melanin as well and it may also be due to the underactive or overactive thyroid problems which may also lead to the decrease in the production melanin. Vitiligo, which is a chronic skin condition in which the skin pigments die, also results in the change of colour from our natural hair colour to grey, as the skin cells over the area around the scalp die. Some people often say that our activity, as in our weight ethnicity is also a reason for this phenomenon.

How to get rid of this phenomenon?

We can tackle this, by following some simple and doable things, by starting to use curry leaves in our daily diet. It helps keep the melanin in our body stay put, helping the amount of decrease to reduce and in time, not to lose too much natural colour to turn grey.  You may also put these curry leaves in the coconut oil and later boil it which after a while you can apply over your scalp and massage. This will also be helpful for the hair and will also make the hair more thick and strong. Another method is to eat fresh fruits and vegetables that will prevent the premature greying of hair.

What other things to do

Also applying butter made out of cow’s milk at least twice a week will reduce the amount of melanin decrease. Try avoiding spicy food, chillies, oily food, jam, refined sugar and flour and soft drinks. 

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