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Hair can get damaged by various ways. Damaged hair can affect your whole persona by negatively influencing the way you see yourself and cause concern for how others see you. This makes damaged hair a serious problem, a problem that must be solved quickly. One such thing that damages your hair is the roughening of your hair. Care must be taken in order to protect your hair else you are bound to lose the shine in no time.

Hair is composed primarily of proteins. It is made of three layers –the medulla, cortex, and cuticle. Damaged hair is caused by many factors such as excessive heat styling. It is characterized internally by open cuticles and broken protein bonds. Physically, damaged hair is rough, brittle to the touch, and prone to split ends. The following are the simple ways by which you can protect your hair from roughening:

  • Give Hair Gentle Care

Alternating between a gentle cleansing and volumizing shampoo and a moisturizing shampoo restores balance to hair.

  • Condition with Moisture

Follow your shampoo with a restorative and strengthening conditioner, alternating with a moisturizing conditioner that prevents damage two or three times per week.

  • Protect Hair from Heat

Prevent breakage caused by hot styling tools with a heat protection styling spray. Thermal protectors act as barriers that absorb heat and prevent damage. Spray your choice of thermal protector on your hair before curling, flat ironing and blow-drying to render hair strong, smooth and frizz-free.

  • Leave-in Moisture

Hair needs a little water to maintain its health and beauty. Try not to blow dry your hair completely so it has some moisture to keep the hair from drying out and becoming weak and brittle. Also try using your hair dryer less often, or blow dry on the “cool” setting, especially in the winter when the air has less moisture to for hair to grab onto.

  • Clarify Hair

Hairsprays, mousses, and gels; hard water and mineral deposits; chlorine and chemicals from swimming pools; even the waxes and moisturizers in some shampoos and conditioners can leave build up on your hair over time. This build up can cause hair to appear dull, heavy, greasy, and limp. A clarifying shampoo can help remove those deposits, give your hair a fresh start, and restore shine.

  • No Wet Hair

When hair is wet, it’s at its weakest.So be gentle to your hair at this time. Simple ways to avoid damaged hair is to never brush or tie your hair while wet, and when you dry your hair, don’t rub. Just pat the hair well with a towel

  • Gentle Massage

A gentle oil massage not only relaxes you but is also helpful for your scalp and smoothening your hair.

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