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I believe, if you focus on good skin care, you really won’t need a lot of makeup.  Beautiful skin requires some commitments, not miracle. It is very important to have regular natural skin-care. We all know that today’s hectic life not only affects our routine, diet, body but also has impact on our skin. It has become a challenging task to keep our skin healthy and nourished. We make so many efforts; spend a lot of money on beauty products and beauty treatments, in the process to have a healthy and beautiful skin.

 Having flawless skin is everyone’s wish list but don’t worry! It won’t be only a part of your dream list anymore which you haven’t achieved yet!  Our skin needs proper attention because it does breath. Artificially manufactured skin care products are not always good for your skin. It might harm your skin and block skin pores. So why to go with these chemical based products when there are abundance of Natural skin care and organic beauty care products, available in the market, that help our skin to breathe & keep it hydrated.

 We are blessed by nature with some amazing natural things and fruits which play an important role to make our skin glow naturally. Some of them are mention below;

  • Honey – Honey acts as a catalyst for all beauty related queries. It is full of vitamin B and polyphones which help to subside; wrinkles and activate the formation of new cells. Honey has antibacterial properties which heal acne-prone skin naturally.

  • Avocado- Avocado is good for dry skin as it contains amazing moisturising properties. It has beneficial nutrients and healthy fats which prevent premature aging naturally and minimize inflammation. Skin care experts recommend for using avocado oil, since it resembles our skin’s own natural oil so it is good for our skin.



  • Fresh fruits- Fruits are rich in nutrients and often used in facial and natural skin care products. For example; strawberries work as a gentle alpha hydroxyl acid supports in skin exfoliating. Papaya moisturise skin naturally. Blueberries help to hydrate our skin and remove dead skin.


  • Natural Oils- Natural and organic oil are rich in vitamin E often used to moisturize skin. Coconut oil and avocado oil perform well with all skin types. Jojoba oil would be an excellent choice for normal to oily skin types. Carrot seed oil is often recommended for dry skin.



  • Aloe Vera – Goodness of aloe Vera is uncountable. It prevents signs of aging and lightens blemishes. Aloe Vera plays an active role to remove tan and sunburns. It diminishes acne and gel (liquid inside leaf) heals wounds naturally. Aloe Vera is also used in so many ayuvedic medicines and organic beauty care products.



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