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Shampooing rips our hair of moisture which makes our hair weak and dull. Conditioner helps in restoring all the lost oils and moisture needed for healthy hair. Just like different hair types need different care, different conditioners are needed for different hair types.

So that long list of conditioners available at the aisle of hair products makes your head go blank? Or you feel your conditioner just doesn't work right for you? Picking the right hair conditioner is essential for your hair health. Here are few steps given to assist you take the right decision and perfect conditioner for your hair.

  • For silky and fine hair

If your type is the one mentioned above then volumizing conditioner will work magic for you. Volumizing conditioner will make thin hair look thick and add some volume to them. If your hair texture is thin and silky type with no frizz, than using a conditioner that smoothens hair will make your hair look worse.

  • For wavy hair

If you've got the wavy hair like most of the people in our country, then choosing lightweight moisturizing shampoo will work wonders. As the curls in your hair need moisture but not the straight part of hair, lightweight moisturiser will maintain the balance and keep your hair healthy.

  • For curly hair

Deep hydrating conditioners are made just for you! This is what your hair needs and what you should feed. Curly hair loses moisture easily and gets frizzy and dull. Deep hydrating conditioners will work great on your hair type. You can also opt for leave in moisturizer. Both of them will keep your hair moisturized and keep them frizz free.

  • For dyed hair

Use colour safe or colour depositing conditioner to keep your dyed hair vibrant. As you wash your hair more, the more of the colour gets washed away. Those conditioners labelled as colour wash, sulphate free colour extend actually add colour to your hair every time you wash and seal your hair cuticles so that they are able to hold more of the dye for the longer period of time. Investing in such conditioners is a great deal for you.

  • For Extreme dry and frizzy hair

Damage repair conditioners are the solution to your problem. Seek out the products that claim to repair your hair. They will take care of your extremely dry and frizzy hair.

Browse here for various conditioners that are organic and will do wonders for your hair.


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