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Hair gels are not as soft as their texture will sometimes have you believe. They can be quite dangerous and disastrous to hair health if you settle for whatever gel your hand grabs. From hair loss to breakage and scalp itching to a whole host of related problems, you will be left assuming it is something you ate or that fell on you when in fact it is the gel that is at fault. Be wary when shopping. Here is how you can do just that.

  1. Dermatologist Recommended

We cannot stress enough the importance of this small factor in a world as large as hair gels. As modern as gels are becoming, finding themselves in all sorts of innovative design ideas and fresh scent combinations, they seem to have sacrificed safety to a small degree.

  • A dermatologist is a skin doctor and they know what affects varied skin types and what benefits it.
  • Your scalp is skin, essentially, and any hair gel you shop for must come recommended by dermatologists or you are simply investing in a risk factor for luxury's sake.
  • While such hair gels are obviously designed to help you style those strands and look your best, they need to be safe too. A derma-tested one makes sure that breakage and hair fall are not on its side-effects list.

Besides, if something does indeed happen despite the right words going on the package, the manufacturer will be more than inclined to help you resolve the problem. Otherwise you will relive the way 'silent treatment' works.

  1. The Usual Suspects

Competent hair gels may have pretty packaging and convincing advertisement slogans. However, they should deliver on the promises they make or soon people will start talking, not to forget tweeting, Instagramming, Facebooking, and tumbling their woes all over the place.

  • Pay attention to the labeling. On it, you will read valuable factors pertaining to what that particular hair gel brings to your lifestyle.
  • As promotions go, it could offer hair pigmentation value, add that much-needed shine, and infuse that attractive bounce.
  • As preventions go, it should be able to deliver on as many of these as possible: prevents hair follicle clogging, helps with cradle cap, keeps head lice at bay, soothes itchy scalp, fights conditions like psoriasis and baldness, and does away with dandruff scenarios.

While a couple or more of the above issues may be your priorities, they all complement each other to some extent. It is a good hair gel indeed that has them all.

  1. Ingredient & Effect

Yet another factor to look for are the ingredients. They may state a few of them on the main display or face of the packaging but perusing the actual ingredients list is a step in the healthy direction.

  • Ingredients are multifarious, in fact there are so many natural ones out there that can benefit your hair in magical ways.
  • Common hair gel ingredients that work wonderfully well: organic aloe Vera, tea tree extracts, vitamin E, and TCLS-based natural preservative.

Hair gels should be flexible in a lot of regards. These are the ones responsible for effectiveness when it comes to battling hair frizz, shielding hair from sun and pollution, keeping the scalp free of micro-organisms, being grease-free to the touch, and so on. Get the right hair gel and you will have made an investment toward personal grooming, beauty, style, and health. This will certainly become one less issue to worry about as you progress into all-round health via exercise and diet.

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