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You might be born with natural thin hair or hair loss makes you don’t have thick and healthy hair. Beautiful tresses are every woman’s desire and if she already has one then it is very important to keep them young and beautiful with the help of proper organic care and maintenance. Girls often go crazy in search of a solution to combat various hair problems. Hera are many tips to get long and strong hair naturally-


  • Combing- Just like massaging combing is also an important part of hair care. You should comb your hair twice in a day. This helps in improving the blood circulation to the scalp and all the dead cells and damaged hairs also fall off while combing. Using brush on wet hair tends to damage hair and creates split ends, therefore wait until it gets on the drier side and either finger comb your hair or use a wide-toothed comb to go through your precious tresses, especially if you encounter tangles.



  • Steaming- Steaming hairs are also vital part of hair care and is very helpful not only for long and strong hair, but keeps your hair scalp also healthy. Regular steaming is good for hair it removes dead skin and dirt from scalp.


  • Egg- Egg being very good natural conditioner should be applied in the hairs once every month to keep them smooth and silky. Regular protein treatment is essential to enjoy stronger and thicker hair. For a protein hair treatment, the best ingredient is eggs. For egg mast just break one egg and mix some fresh aloe Vera juice, mix it well together and make a smooth paste and keep it on scalp for 30 minutes after rinse off with lukewarm water. For healthy hair do this process once in a week.


  • Henna and curd- Even curd is an efficient natural conditioner. Egg gives nice shine to your hairs and helps to make strong and healthy hair. Henna is also good for healthy and shiny hair we should use Henna once in a week, it gives shining and makes strong hair. It also works on the roots of your existing hair to promote hair growth.


  • Olive oil- Olive oil will also add body to your hair. Plus, it will help soften and strengthen your tresses. Olive oil is best for long and strong hair, just take some olive oil and one table spoon of honey, mix it well together and make a smooth paste, then apply on your scalp, keep it for 30 minutes or keep it over night then in morning rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this process twice in a week for long and strong hair.



  • Oil massage- Oil Massage of the scalp is very important part of hair care. Hair and the scalp should be massaged with hair oil at least once every month to keep them healthy. Stimulating your scalp with a message, pinching and brushing with a soft bristle brush is one of the best natural ways to make your hair grow faster, and it really works.



  • Trim your hair every 4-5 weeks- Although hair grows from your roots, not the ends -but still if you want your hair to be healthy, trim the dead ends off. It’s important to get the damaged bits cut off otherwise you'll end up with long hair that feels and looks like straw. So we should always trim our hair every 4-5 in week.


  • Shampoo & conditioner- Factors like how often you wash your hair and what water temperature you use can affect the length of your hair. Always use organic shampoo to wash your hair, you should apply shampoo two times in a week, frequently washing may damage your hair. Never apply under any circumstances hair conditioner onto your scalp, as it will tend to weigh down your hair and it could lead to dandruff. After washing dry your hair naturally do not use dryer or any harsh chemicals it may damage your hair.


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