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Your hair plays a very vital role to your overall looks. Dull, dry hair can spoil your entire look. To save us from such disasters we have a very commonly used hair product called hair conditioners. Picking up one conditioner out of the millions in a super market can be a tedious job. Also so many variants confuse us further as what we actually need?

However choosing the right conditioner or your hair isn’t that difficult as it might seem. You need to answer few simple questions and based on your answer to them, you can pick a conditioner and save your mane!

  • Is my hair dry?

A lot of people suffer from dry hair and itchy, flaky scalp. This is because their scalp cannot produce enough natural oil or maybe because there shampoo rips off the natural oil their glands produce. In either of the situations you need a hydrating conditioner. These conditioner provides moisture to your hair, giving them shine and life from inside. They do not dry out your scalp and boost natural production of moisture.

  • Does my hair tangle easily?

Some people have hair that easily tangles and breaks off when brushed. This is because there hair strands are weak from inside and lack natural strength and nutrition. Such hair is rough and messy. For such hair type we need a repairing conditioner. This type of condition builds up the hair from inside, provide necessary nutrition. As a result the new hair is stronger and less damaged.

  • Do I suffer hair loss?

Hair loss is a terrible thing happening to a lot of people especially in the age group of 30 plus. Excess hair fall can lead to thinning and visible scalp. Hair fall is a very serious and delicate issue to deal with. For such hair you should try a conditioner that strengthens the roots.

  • Does my hair lack volume?

A lot of people are plagued by thin hair. Their hair lacks bounce or fullness; they fall flat on the skull. Such hair has serious lack of strength, due to thinning breakage and hair fall are also very common. To manage such kind of hair you need a volumizing hair conditioner. Such conditioners add bounce to the hair, make strands thicker and increase the volume of hair.

Every person has a different kind of hair, with different issues. Some people have dry hair, some have thin hair while some suffer hair fall. But all these problem areas can be dealt with proper care and products suitable to the needs. Hair conditioner must be chosen carefully. One should buy a conditioner which suits his/her needs and helps them get rid of bad hair day!


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