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Lice are tiny parasites that live in the scalp and drink the blood from it. They are easily caught from other people by simple physical contact. Here are some ways of getting rid of lice.

  • Use oil

Apply some oil, olive, coconut or whatever suits your hair, on to your scalp. This causes the lice to emerge from the hair shaft where they live to drink the oil. Leave the oil for about 10 to 15 minutes on your hair. Then use the thin-toothed lice comb to comb out the parasites. Ensure you comb them out on to the floor instead of your clothes from where they can just climb back onto your hair.

  • Using petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly like Vaseline is said to be very useful to suffocate the lice and force them to loosen the grip on the scalp in order to come up for hair. This is an opportune time to comb them all out using the lice comb. To use this method, simply cover your hair in a thick layer of petroleum jelly and leave it over night. Wear a shower cap to avoid spoiling the pillow case. Use baby oil in the following morning to remove the petroleum jelly and then comb out the parasites using the lice comb.

  • Using neem

Neem is a well-known remedy for lice as it has natural insecticidal properties. This ayurvedic remedy is extremely useful when you are trying to rid yourself of not just the lice but also their eggs. Apply ground neem to your hair with some curd or oil. You can also use neem oil to rid yourself of lice.

  • A clove of garlic

There is some sense in the superstition of using cloves of garlic to protect you from blood suckers after all. Even if the adversary here is not as dramatic as a vampire, you can still use garlic paste to rid yourself of this parasite. Grind some garlic cloves together and mix them in lime water. Apply this mixture to your hair and wash away the lice after about 2 hours. The strong smell can be somewhat of an embarrassment, so don’t use this remedy before you go out. But then again, it probably is less embarrassing than the sight of having insects crawl over your scalp.

  • Mayonnaise

This treat is tasty only for you but is a killer to the lice. This thick viscous material suffocates the live lice and helps you in eradicating them. All you have to do is, cover your hair with the material and leave it on overnight. Comb your hair in the morning to remove the dead lice.

Lice can be embarrassing in social situations and a nightmare everywhere else. They can leave your scalp itchy and red. Use these solutions to get rid of the parasites and don’t forget to go through the Joy by Nature catalogue!


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