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Feet contribute to the attractiveness of any pair of legs and so, need to be pampered and looked after as well as any other part of your body. A beautifully dressed up woman with sore or chapped heals is sure to end up looking unattractive. Hence, maintaining silky and smooth legs with beautifully maintained feet is essential for which you need to devote time to your feet.

A good home-made pedicure is just the thing that your feet need to stay beautiful. Added to this is the fact that a good pedicure also helps your feet to relax after a tired and hectic week. Regular pedicure helps to clean corns, fungal infections and bunions and decreases risks from infections due to dirt and bacteria in your feet.

A pedicure routine consists of soaking your feet, massaging them and then moisturizing them. Though a professional beautician can make your feet look beautiful, you too can achieve the same result from the comfort of your home.

  • Trimming Your Nails

Remove your nail polish and trim your toenails. With a nail file or an emery board shape them.  You can do this even after soaking your feet.

  • Soaking Your Feet

Soaking your feet during pedicure helps to beat stress. Take a basin and fill it with warm water so that it covers up to your ankles. Add the following to the basin:

  • One lemon juice
  • Half cup Epsom salt, which helps in exfoliation and also helps to reduce roughness and muscle pain.
  • A few drops of any foot wash or even liquid hand wash
  • Ten to twelve drops of any essential oil. Use lavender if you want relief from stress which is also helpful in rejuvenating and soothing the skin. You can also use eucalyptus which is very effective in relieving your foot pain and is also a disinfectant and a good antiseptic agent.

Massage a little honey on the nails. Now soak your feet in the basin for 20 – 25 minutes and then wipe them dry with a towel.

  • Exfoliating Your Feet

The next step to the home-made pedicure is exfoliation, which helps to remove dead skin cells thereby preventing corns and bunions and promotes the growth of new healthy cells. Use a good cuticle cream on your toe nails. Scrub your feet gently with a pumice stone to remove the dead skin cells. Take special care to scrub the heels and balls of your feet, around your toes and also along the sides of the heels.

Wipe off the cream which you had applied. Use a foot scrub and massage your feet – the soles of your feet especially the heels, the top and the sides of the feet and in-between the toes. You can also use a home-made scrub by mixing besan, sugar and olive oil.

  • Moisturizing Your Feet

After you finish scrubbing, wash your feet and end your home-made pedicure session by moisturizing your feet. Use any essential oil to moisturize your feet. Olive oil or almond oil make effective moisturizers and also reduces discomfort and stress and helps the feet to relax. Massaging with these oils helps in the circulation of blood and relief from pain in the calves and the feet.

  • Dressing Up Your Feet

Now paint your nails with a nail paint of your choice. See how great your feet look now after the home-made pedicure has ended.

Your feet support the weight of your entire body through your walking, running or other physical activities during the day. So pamper your feet and take care of them. Click here to know more about home-made pedicure.


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