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If you want to save yourself from getting bald, then it is important to choose some natural hair care products that will strengthen and nourish your hair roots and scalp. It is essential to use natural hair care products that are chemical-free and safe. It is always suggested not to use synthetic hair colors which contain ammonia, because that can lead to a weaker hair root and itchy scalp.

What are the natural products that provide strength to your hair?

  • Coconut juice or oil: you can use warm coconut juice or coconut oil once or twice a week to the roots of your hair, to make the hair strong, fortified and bouncy. Coconut oil massage enhances the level of blood circulation in your hair, as a result of which you experience new growth of hair.
  • Use natural hair colors like henna that is mixed with gooseberry juice and almond oil. It acts as a natural protein pack, and boosts your hair growth. The rate of anti-oxidants that are present in natural henna makes your hair strong, glossy and it also gives a natural brown color to your hair.

  • Eat eggs and raw nuts in your breakfast. Eggs are a source of protein, and regular consumption of egg whites help in energizing massive hair growth. Along with eggs, you can also consume nuts and salad to make your hair thick and full of volume. Along with these items, you can consume full cream milk and yogurt to keep your hair full of vitality.
  • It is important to drink plenty of fluids like natural honey, juices, cucumber and aloe vera extracts and papaya pulp, to keep your crown full of naturally-beautiful hair. If you have been suffering from acute hair fall, you should immediately consult a dietician and a hair fall expert, to get the exact level of your hormonal deficiencies.

Precautions to keep your hair strong and reduce hairfall:

  • Do not use any combination of hair pack, without consulting a hair expert
  • It is mandatory to eat a bowl full of salad to revitalize your hair shafts.
  • You must get rid of split ends and cut your locks after every two or three months
  • Consult an endocrinologist to know about any hormone deficiency, if any.

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